ktru playsheet

cool britannia

from Thu 09/26/2019 05:00:00 PM until Thu 09/26/2019 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:02 PM- kosheen / (slip & slide) suicide [resist] on the moksha records, sony bmg label.
05:58 PM- client / in it for the money [city] on the toast hawaii label.
05:53 PM- suede / beautiful ones [coming up] on the nude records label.
05:47 PM- maya jane coles / from the dark [from the dark] on the mobilee records label.
05:42 PM- echobelly / gravity pulls [gravity pulls] on the fry up label.
05:37 PM- razorlight / america [razorlight] on the mercury, vertigo label.
05:33 PM- saint etienne / he's on the phone [too young to die] on the heavenly records label.
05:30 PM- frou frou / maddening shroud [details] on the mca records, island records label.
05:26 PM- dubstar / stars [disgraceful] on the food label.
05:22 PM- sleeper / look at you now [the modern age] on the gorsky label.
05:16 PM- ian brown / keep what ya got [the greatest] on the polydor label.
05:16 PM- elastica / how he wrote elastica man [the menace] on the deceptive label.
05:11 PM- placebo / nancy boy [placebo] on the hut, elevator label.
05:08 PM- ash / girl from mars [1977] on the infectious label.
05:04 PM- levellers / what a beautiful day [mouth to mouth] on the china label.