ktru playsheet

hk, NancyN
Tuesday Nitro

from Tue 08/27/2002 09:00:00 PM until Tue 08/27/2002 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:58 PM- thee headcoats / reindeer are wild [heavens to murgatroyd, even! it's thee headcoats! (already)] on the sub poop label.
09:51 PM- cabaret voltaire / nag nag nag [the living legends] on the mute label.
09:48 PM- flipper / brainwash [sex bomb baby] on the subterranean label.
09:44 PM- daf / co co pino [die kleinen und die busen] on the mute label.
09:41 PM- the slits / fm [the peel sessions] on the strange fruit label.
09:37 PM- the misfits / vampira [walk among us] on the ruby label.
09:33 PM- the birthday party / big-jesus-trash-can [hits] on the 4ad label.
09:32 PM- the plugz / la bamba [diy : we're desperate : the l.a. scene 1976-79] on the rhino label.
09:32 PM- the homosexuals / flying [ici la bas] on the black noise label.
09:28 PM- swell maps / real shocks [collision time revisited] on the mute label.
09:25 PM- mission of burma / forget [forget] on the taang! label.
09:25 PM- wire / ex-lion tamer [pink flag] on the emi (in unlimited supply) label.
09:22 PM- the saints / demolition girl [(i'm) stranded] on the sire label.
09:15 PM- pailhead / man should surrender [trait] on the wax trax! label.
09:12 PM- egg hunt / we all fall down [[7"]] on the dischord label.
09:10 PM- fire engines / get up and use me [7"] on the codex communications label.
09:07 PM- magazine / recoil [real life] on the caroline label.
09:04 PM- gang of four / outside the trains don't run on time [solid gold] on the infinite zero label.
09:02 PM- x / the hungry wolf [under the big black sun] on the rhino label.