ktru playsheet

TracyJoB, KellyM
chickenskin music

from Thu 03/08/2018 08:00:00 PM until Thu 03/08/2018 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:00 PM- Riders in the Sky / The Ballad of Davy Crockett [Riders in the Sky: Present Davy Crockett] on the Rounder label.
09:54 PM- Caitlyn Smith / Tacoma [Starfire] on the Monument label.
09:51 PM- Queen Ida / Mardi Gras! [Mardi Gras!] on the GNP Crescendo label.
09:48 PM- Mance Lipscomb / I Want to Do Something for You [Captain, Captian!] on the Arhoolie label.
09:47 PM- Bessie Jones / Sheep, Sheep, Don't You Know the Road? [Georgia Sea Island Songs] on the New World Records label.
09:41 PM- Della Mae / Boston Town [Della Mae] on the Rounder label.
09:39 PM- Patty Larkin / If I Were Made of Metal [Step Into the Light] on the Rounder label.
09:34 PM- Sierra Hull / Queen of Hearts /Royal Tea [Weighted Mind] on the New Rounder label.
09:30 PM- Riders in the Sky / Back in the Saddle Again [Riders in the Sky] on the Rounder label.
09:27 PM- Charlie Parr / I Aint Dead Yet [Dog] on the Red House Records label.
09:23 PM- Horshoes & Hand Grenades / The Ode [The Ode] on the self label.
09:20 PM- Uncle Dave Macon / Carve That Possum [Going Down the Valley] on the New World Records label.
09:15 PM- Margo Price / Desperate and Depressed [Midwest Farmer's Daughter] on the Third Man Records label.
09:12 PM- The Kennedys / Just Like Henry David [Angel Fire] on the Rounder Records label.
09:09 PM- Shelby Lynne / Paper Van Gogh [I Can't Imagine] on the New Rounder label.
09:06 PM- Maura O'Connel / Crazy Dreams [Just in Time] on the New Rounder label.
09:06 PM- The Gibson Brothers / They Called It Music [They Called It Music] on the Compass Records
09:00 PM- Ola Belle Reed / Where the Wild Flowers Grow [Ola Belle Reed and Family] on the Concord Records label.
08:54 PM- Kaia Kater / Harlem's Little Blackbird [Nine Pin] on the Kingswood Records label.
08:54 PM- Almeda Riddle / Chick-a-lee-li-o [Oh My Little Darling - Fook Song Types] on the R. A. A. M. label.
08:49 PM- Rosanne Cash feat.Bruce Springsteen / Sea of Heartbreak [The List] on the Manhattan Records label.
08:45 PM- Nick Drake / Northern Sky [Bryter Layter] on the Island Records label.
08:43 PM- Pokey LaFarge / Something in the Water [Something in the Water] on the New Rounder label.
08:35 PM- Priscilla Herdman / The Band Played Waltzing Matilda [The Waterlily] on the Rounder label.
08:33 PM- The Earls of Leiscester / Big Black Train [The Earls of Leiscester] on the New Rounder label.
08:29 PM- Cathy Fink & Marcie Marxer / Grasshopper Sittin on a Sweet Potato Vine [Blanket Full of Dreams] on the Rounder label.
08:26 PM- Harry Taussig / Children's Dance [The Thousand Incarnations of the Rose] on the Craft Recordings label.
08:19 PM- The Dubliners / Working Man [Further Along] on the Celtic Airs label.
08:16 PM- The Carter Family / No Telephones in Heaven [Diamonds] on the Favorite Classics label.
08:12 PM- The Homestead Pickers / Ghost Chickens in the Sky [Extra Crispy] on the self label.
08:09 PM- Reverend Gary Davis / O Glory How Happy I Am [Demons and Angels: The Ultimate Collection, Part 2] on the Yazoo label.
08:08 PM- The Rarely Herd / Simon Crutchfield's Grave [Midnight Lonliness] on the Pinecastle Records label.
08:06 PM- John Hartford / Turn Your Radio On, Pt 1 [Aero plain] on the Warner Bros label.