ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 02/19/2018 10:00:00 PM until Tue 02/20/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:56 AM- the fall / new puritan [kicker conspiracy 2x7"] on the rough trade records label.
12:52 AM- the velvet underground / lisa says [the complete matrix tapes 4xCD] on the universal music enterprises label.
12:39 AM- virus / hungry loser [revelation LP] on the garden of delights label.
12:32 AM- amon duul / in garten sandosa [psychedelic underground CD] on the captain trips label.
12:23 AM- tomorrow's gift / der geiervfliegt vorbei [goodbye future LP] on the long hair label.
12:17 AM- a.r.& machines / to the echo of time / down the rainbows [the art of german psychedelic 10xCD] on the bmg label.
12:13 AM- out of focus / huchen 55a [four letter monday afternoon 2xLP] on the missing vinyl label.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
12:05 AM- deuter / der turm/fluchtpunkt [d CD] on the kuckuck label.
12:00 AM- wolfgang dauner quintet / come on in on in [the oimels CD] on the long hair label.
11:57 PM- dies irae / stake a bobolink [s/t LP] on the monster melodies label.
11:48 PM- reines d'angleterre / untitled [les comones LP] on the bo' weavil recordings label.
11:44 PM- laughing hands / annunciation [tape works 1981-1982 4xLP+DVD] on the vinyl-on-demand label.
11:39 PM- lemon kittens / only a rose [cake beast 12"] on the united dairies label.
11:35 PM- andrew liles / pink toed ungulates [animal magick CD] on the tourette label.
11:29 PM- g*park / four [geopod CD] on the zabriskie point label.
11:26 PM- c-schulz / klang [10. hose horn LP] on the unseen worlds label.
11:23 PM- omit / output bender [interceptor 2xCD] on the helen scarsdale agency label.
11:18 PM- paul kelday / emerge from nothingness [one dimensional LP] on the ufo mongo label.
11:11 PM- pierre henry / continuum [mouvement-ryhme-etude CD] on the phillips label.
11:02 PM- nurse with wound w/ christoph heeman / painting with preists [the swinging reflective ii 2xCD] on the dirter promotions label.
10:56 PM- organum / shin-en [desola mini-CD] on the robot label.
10:55 PM- rowenta/kahn / uns augustinus tauscht die kirch ein [stereo extrem CD] on the dom label.
10:52 PM- gastric female reflux / idm theftable / <no song titles provided> [s/t CD] on the humbug label.
10:48 PM- mixed band philanthropist / after having known nietzsche and sworn by their mistresses [the man who mistook a real woman for his muse and acted accordingly 7"] on the hypnagogia label.
10:32 PM- nine days' wonder / fermillion puppet dance square hope? morning spirit fermillion himself [s/t LP] on the long hair label.
10:25 PM- kollektiv / pull moll [kollektiv CD] on the long hair label.
10:20 PM- tyll / tim [sexphonie LP] on the mental experience label.
10:08 PM- can / dead pigeon suite [the lost tapes 3xCD] on the spoon label.
10:03 PM- the fall / i am damo suzuki [this nation's saving grace CD] on the beggars banquet records label.