ktru playsheet


from Sun 05/15/2011 08:00:00 PM until Sun 05/15/2011 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:54 PM- //orangenoise / i know everything [//veracious EP] on the self released label.
09:47 PM- ride / today [today forever ep] on the creation label.
09:43 PM- the consolation project / i have given up on love [cutting the strings] on the self released label.
09:39 PM- monster movie / the world collapsed [everyone is a ghost] on the graveface label.
09:34 PM- the sunshine factory / my sugar cane [sugar] on the sugar collective label.
09:29 PM- youngteam / strange days [daydreamer] on the northern star label.
09:24 PM- sunsplit / sing for sunday [sing for sunday] on the self released label.
09:18 PM- lush / sweetness and light [gala] on the 4AD label.
09:16 PM- the house of love / loneliness is a gun [s/t] on the creation label.
09:08 PM- stereolab / contact [switched on] on the slumberland label.
09:04 PM- movietone / useless landscape [day and night] on the . label.
08:55 PM- spc eco / spotlight [silver clouds EP] on the electric label.
08:49 PM- dead mellotron / ghost light constellation [ghost light constellation EP] on the self released label.
08:45 PM- the black angels / river of blood [phosphene dream] on the blue horizon label.
08:41 PM- the pains of being pure at heart / even in dreams [belong] on the slumberland label.
08:36 PM- brighter / maybe [laurel] on the sarah label.
08:33 PM- the mary onettes / the companion [s/t] on the labrador label.
08:27 PM- cranes / adrift [ep collection, vol 2] on the dedicated label.
08:20 PM- between the cities are stars / tabitha [degausser ep] on the killredrocket records label.
08:16 PM- twin shadow / yellow balloon [forget] on the 4AD label.
08:09 PM- deerhunter / desire lines [halcyon digest] on the 4AD label.
08:03 PM- presents for sally / point [a touch of joy, a touch of sadness] on the ghost recordings label.