ktru playsheet


from Sat 06/27/2015 02:00:00 PM until Sat 06/27/2015 04:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:57 PM- Zucker, Laurel / Movement III from December Duo [Brazilian Butterfly Circle] on the cantilena label.
03:53 PM- Mitchell, Joni / God Must Be a Boogie Man [Travelogue] on the nonesuch label.
03:42 PM- Dana Schecter and Insect Ark / Low Moon [Portal/Well] on the autumnsongs label.
03:38 PM- Schecter, Dana / Parrallel Twin [Portal-Well] on the autumnsongs label.
03:09 PM- Lansky, Paul / Travel Diary [Contemplating Weather] on the bridge label.
02:50 PM- Still, William Grant / Songs for Flute and Piano [Lil Lite O' Mind] on the cantilena label.
02:39 PM- Smith, Hale / Three Brevites [Lil Lite O' Mine] on the cantilena records label.
02:32 PM- Ludovico Einaudi / Taranta [Taranta Project] on the ponderosa music label.
02:17 PM- Ludovico Einaudi / Choros [Taranta Project] on the ponderosa music &art label.
02:15 PM- Lomax, Alan / Tarantella [Italian Treasury Calabria] on the rounder records label.
02:01 PM- Einaudi, Ludovico / Introduction ad Regnum Tarantulae [Taranta Project] on the ponderosa music & art label.