ktru playsheet

RosaG, BrendanM
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 05/03/2018 10:00:00 PM until Fri 05/04/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:00 AM- Fu Manchu / Godzilla [Godzilla's Eatin' Dust] on the Man's Ruin Records label.
12:54 AM- Bad Religon / Progress [No Control] on the Epitaph label.
12:52 AM- The Nomads / She Pays The Rent [She Pays The Rent 12"] on the Homestead Records label.
12:50 AM- The Centurions / Ishamatsu [Lost Legends of the Sruf Guitar] on the Sundazed label.
12:47 AM- The Tempos / Last Time [Speaking of...] on the Norton Records label.
12:44 AM- Oblivians / Viet Nam War Blues [Soul Food] on the Crypt Records label.
12:42 AM- The Jesters / The Jester [Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar] on the Sundazed label.
12:40 AM- Minor Threat / Steppin' Stone [Minor Threat] on the Dischord label.
12:36 AM- No Use For A Name / Soul Mate [Leche Con Carne!] on the FAT Wreck Chords label.
12:33 AM- The King Khan & BBQ Show / Blow My Top [What's For Dinner?] on the In The Red Records label.
12:30 AM- Fugazi / Exit Only [Steady Diet of Nothing] on the Dischord Records label.
12:27 AM- Dead Moon / Cast Will Change [Crack In The System] on the Mississippi Records label.
12:21 AM- The Rondelles / Distraction [Friction Romance Fast Machines] on the Smells Like Records label.
12:19 AM- The Hives / Main Offender [Veni Vidi Vicious] on the Burning Heart Records label.
12:16 AM- The Shivas / Stalking Legs [You Know Waht To Do] on the K Records label.
12:14 AM- Ghost Town Electric / Midway [Midway 7"] on the Self Released label.
12:10 AM- The Thermals / I Let It Go [Now We Can See] on the Kill Rock Stars label.
12:07 AM- The Murder City Devils / I Drink The Wine [In Name and Bloo] on the Sub Pop label.
12:04 AM- Bad Religion / American Jesus [Recipie For Hate] on the Epitaph label.
12:00 AM- Babes in Toyland / Primus [To Mother] on the Twin Tone Records label.
11:57 PM- ZZ Top / She's A Heartbreaker [Tejas] on the London label.
11:51 PM- Fu Manchu / Mongoose [Go For It...Live!] on the Steam Hammer Records label.
11:47 PM- Mammoth / Mammoth [Brown Acid The Fifth Trip] on the Riding Easy Records label.
11:43 PM- The Who / Shakin' All Over [The Who Live At Leeds] on the MCA Records label.
11:41 PM- The Lone Surfer and his Super Pals / Horror Beach [Self Titled 7"] on the Planet Pimp Records label.
11:30 PM- New York Dolls / Subway Train + Pills [New Yourk Dolls] on the Mercury label.
11:25 PM- Man or Astroman? / Bombora + Surf Terror [Man or Astroman? meet the Teenage Caveman 7"] on the Worry Bird Disk label.
11:23 PM- Bad Religon / The Gray Race [The Gray Race] on the Atlantic label.
11:21 PM- The Jet Boys / Time Bomb [I Wann Die 7"] on the Dionysus Records label.
11:18 PM- The Trashwomen / Cum on Baby [Spend a Night With The Trashwomen] on the Estrus label.
11:16 PM- Iggy and the Stooges / Gimmie Some Skin [I Got The Right 7"] on the Bomp! Records label.
11:11 PM- Fu Manchu / Hell On Wheels [King of The Road] on the At The Dojo Records label.
11:09 PM- The Sons of Hercules / Spittin' Fire [Spittin' Fire 7"] on the Unclean Records label.
11:06 PM- Reverend Horton Heat / Bullet [S/T 7"] on the Four Dots Records label.
11:02 PM- mc5 / gotta keep movin' [high time] on the rhino label.
10:57 PM- love / bummer in the summer [forever changes] on the elektra label.
10:55 PM- ? mark and the mysterians / 96 tears [7"] on the million seller label.
10:53 PM- eater / jeepster [12" single] on the the label records label.
10:49 PM- dr. feelgood / i'm a man [stupidity] on the grand records label.
10:45 PM- rachel sweet / baby [fool around] on the stiff-columbia label.
10:44 PM- the outsiders / seems like nothings gonna come why today [cqcqcqcqcq] on the polydor pseudonym label.
10:32 PM- blackbird / more [blackbird] on the iloki records label.
10:30 PM- the move / walk upon the water [move] on the cube records label.
10:25 PM- f.u.k.detroit 1977 / road kill [7"] on the hozac label.
10:21 PM- pagans / street where nobody lives [pirate's cove 9/24/79] on the thermonix label.
10:17 PM- the wipers / alien boy [live at the met december 31, 1982] on the jackpot / zeno label.
10:13 PM- velveteen rabbit / i wanna be your woman [7"] on the hozac records label.
10:07 PM- the tone benders / little black egg [v/a girls in the garage] on the past & present label.
10:06 PM- the nuns / talk talk [cbs demo 77] on the mabuhay records label.
10:05 PM- louder than death / new stains [sometime's you just got to take away a boy's pride an joy justice is] on the in the red label.