ktru playsheet


from Sun 08/14/2016 07:00:00 PM until Sun 08/14/2016 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:59 PM- elza soares / luz vermelha [a mulher do fim do mundo] on the circus label.
07:51 PM- lawntuba / fields are breathing [on silver clouds] on the s/r label.
07:47 PM- kllo / don't be the one [well worn] on the ghostly international label.
07:42 PM- 2047 / another dream of a different world [snow] on the no problem tapes label.
07:39 PM- the midnight / lonely city [endless summer] on the s/r label.
07:33 PM- nao / bad blood [for all we know] on the rca label.
07:30 PM- jon bap / don't run into the dark so quick [what now?] on the astro nautico label.
07:27 PM- niki and the dove / miami beach [everybody's heart is broken now] on the universal label.
07:23 PM- baauer / pinku [aa] on the luckyme label.
07:21 PM- noname / all i need ft. spzrkt [telefone] on the s/r label.
07:16 PM- seiho / the dish [collapse] on the leaving records label.
07:13 PM- koolade / dream resort [mayflower] on the blvnt company label.
07:10 PM- birocratic / tony's belated breakfast [chillhop essentials summer 2016] on the chillhop essentials label.
07:07 PM- guggenz / business as usual [chillhop essentials summer 2016] on the chillhop essentials label.
07:03 PM- fanso / cristal ft. bxrod [dalsy] on the s/r label.
07:03 PM- flamingosis / passing by ft biocratic [bright moments] on the s/r label.