ktru playsheet

Ashley, NicoleB
afternoon delight

from Tue 09/17/2019 03:00:00 PM until Tue 09/17/2019 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:59 PM- eric burdon, war / tobacco road/tobacco road/i hae a dream/tobacco road [eric burdon declares war] on the far out productions label.
04:33 PM- frank zappa / the adventures of gregery peckary [studio tan] on the zappa family trust label.
04:25 PM- queen / the prophet's song [a night at the opera] on the hollywood records, inc label.
04:13 PM- war / gypsey man [deliver the word] on the far out productions label.
04:03 PM- renaissance / can you understand [ashes are burning] on the capitol records release label.
03:59 PM- the hit party band / 10000 dollar pyramid [game shw theme music party] on the bobby jones media label.
03:57 PM- geek music / the jeffersons [the jeffersons] on the geek music label.
03:57 PM- television greatest hits band / the bob newhart show [television greatest hits] on the bicycle music company label.
03:55 PM- the edwin davids jazz band / diffrent strokes [tv generation] on the playtime label.
03:53 PM- henry mancini / whats happening [the days of wine and roses] on the bmg label.
03:52 PM- the sesame kids / sesame street theme [sesame street: welcome] on the sesame workshop label.
03:51 PM- david cassidy / come on get happy [come on get happy] on the arista label.
03:50 PM- the muppets joanna newsom / the muppet show theme [the muppets] on the disney label.
03:47 PM- john sebastian / wlcome back (welcome back kotter) [welcome back] on the reprise label.
03:46 PM- televisions greatest hits band / wkrp in cincinnati [thelevisions greatest hits] on the the bicycle music company label.
03:46 PM- tv themes / laverne and shirley [the greatest ever comedy television themes] on the burning girl productions label.
03:43 PM- bobby morganstein / good times [the complete tv themes party c vol 1] on the bobby morganstein productions label.
03:42 PM- dominik hauser / threes company theme [theme from the classic tv series joe raposo] on the bsx label.
03:41 PM- the great tv crew / those werethe days (all in the family) [sonny curtis] on the mlx label.
03:39 PM- sonny curtis / love is all around (the mary tyler moore show theme) [sonny curtis] on the rabbit ranch records label.
03:37 PM- geek music / mork and mindy [mork and mindy] on the geek label.
03:34 PM- johnny mandrell / suicide is painless [m*a*s*h*] on the sony label.
03:33 PM- ken miura / kung-fu [60s 70s 80s and 90s tv hits] on the the beat boutique label.
03:30 PM- barry devorzon / nadias theme (theme from the young and the restless) [nadias theme] on the emi label.
03:26 PM- tom scott / gotcha (skarsky and hutch) [the best of tom scott] on the ode label.
03:19 PM- bob james / angela (theme from taxi) [touchdown] on the tappan zee label.
03:15 PM- jack jones / love boat theme [love boat theme] on the essential media group label.
03:12 PM- daniel caine orchestra / little house on the prairie [100 greatest] on the silva label.
03:11 PM- the london ensemble / fawlty towers [70s theme] on the silva label.
03:10 PM- tv theme song library / dallas [tv theme library clasic tv a to z] on the in the mood label.
03:08 PM- waylon jennings / theme from the dukes of hazzard [the dukes of hazzard] on the bmg label.
03:05 PM- tv themes / wonder woman [the greatest tv heroes of all time] on the burning girl productions label.
03:04 PM- tv themes / charlies angels [the gretest tv heroes of all time] on the burning girl productions label.
03:01 PM- quincy jones / sanford and son theme [20th century masters] on the a&m label.