ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 12/18/2017 09:01:00 PM until Mon 12/18/2017 11:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:59 PM- andrew chqalk / winter arc [east of the sun CD] on the hic sunt leones label.
10:57 PM- tor lundvall / broadcast on open streets [the four seasons unfod CD] on the dais label.
10:50 PM- hamid drake - michael zerng duo / dreaming of winter [ask the sun CD] on the okka disk label.
10:47 PM- art bears / winter wheel [winter songs/the world as it is today CD] on the rer label.
10:43 PM- keiji haino+jozef dumoulin+teun verbruggen / snow is frequent, though light , in winter [the miracles of only one thing LP] on the sub rosa label.
10:38 PM- richard pinhas / the last kings of thule (part 2) [iceland CD] on the cuneiform label.
10:36 PM- steve thomsen / and then it snows [skeleton works II CDr] on the neurec label.
10:31 PM- bill horist / the architect of snowfall [songs from the nerve wheel CD] on the unit circle rekkids label.
10:28 PM- st37 / caves of ice [down on us CD] on the emporer jones label.
10:17 PM- linus pauling quartet / colt 38 (lp4) / jolakottur [psychedelic battles volume three LP] on the vincebus erutum recordings label.
10:10 PM- yoko ono / don't worry kyoko (mummy's only looking for her hand in the snow) [fly 2xCD] on the ryko / ono label.
10:06 PM- nico / frozen warnings [the frozen borderline 1968-1970 2xCD] on the rhino label.
10:01 PM- jonathan coleclough / cake [cake CD] on the robot label.
09:53 PM- seclusion / yukigafuru part 4 [yukigafura CD] on the some fine legacy label.
09:47 PM- wapstan / untitled [trancending hypothermia CDR] on the brise-cul records label.
09:40 PM- boy dirt car / <no song titles provided> [winter LP] on the rrrecords label.
09:34 PM- robert turman aaron dilloway / blizzard part 1 [blizzard 2xLP] on the fabrica label.
09:27 PM- nature and organization / untiitled [death in a snow leopard winter CD] on the snow leopard records label.
09:23 PM- awen / grim king of the ghosts [grim king of the ghosts CD] on the old european cafe label.
09:20 PM- tor lundvall / yule song [yule CD] on the strange fortune label.
09:15 PM- sol invictus / the return [king and queen CD] on the prophecy label.
09:11 PM- death in june / blood of winter [the corn years CD] on the new european recordings label.
09:07 PM- coil / a white rainbow [winter solstice: north CD] on the eskaton label.