ktru playsheet


from Sun 02/14/2016 07:00:00 PM until Sun 02/14/2016 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:08 PM- last soul descendents / dub reactor [chill mode dub sessions] on the chill mode label.
07:56 PM- kelela / all the way down (air max '97 remix) [hallucinogen remixes] on the warp label.
07:52 PM- ulzzang pistol / paint [zoom lens] on the s/r label.
07:47 PM- somehowart / you broke my heart [flat reality lp] on the s/r label.
07:41 PM- moth equals / if it keeps on raining [one tusk] on the s/r label.
07:37 PM- dilly dally / desire [sore] on the partisan label.
07:32 PM- vaa / naked geometry [oblivion] on the s/r label.
07:29 PM- nonkeen / saddest continent on earth [the gamble] on the s/r label.
07:21 PM- king / hey [extended mix] [we are king] on the king creative label.
07:16 PM- hong kong express / dreaming [this] on the adhesive sounds label.
07:11 PM- wildlight / from the ground up [the tide] on the s/r label.
07:06 PM- dj krush / strange light ft. free the robots [butterfly effect 2lp] on the s/r label.
07:04 PM- gogo penguin / initiate [stray remix] [all res] on the decca label.