ktru playsheet

angst hour

from Fri 04/02/2021 04:15:00 PM until Fri 04/02/2021 05:15:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:09 PM- the strokes / ize of the world [first impressions of earth] on the rca records label.
05:05 PM- tigers jaw / the sun [tigers jaw] on the prison jazz x run for cover records label.
04:58 PM- sunny day real estate / 9 [impossible weight] on the high beam label.
04:55 PM- the garden / egg [haha] on the epitaph label.
04:51 PM- radiohead / black star [the bends] on the xl recordings ltd label.
04:47 PM- parquet courts / human performance [human performance] on the rough trade records ltd label.
04:43 PM- phantom planet / all over again [the guest] on the sony music entertainment label.
04:39 PM- crx / back & forth [peek] on the headless records label.
04:37 PM- joyce manor / eighteen [cody] on the epitaph label.
04:34 PM- hot mulligan / how do you know it's not armadillo shells? [pilot] on the no sleep records label.
04:32 PM- supergrass / seen the light [life on other planets] on the umg recordings inc label.
04:27 PM- kasabian / reason is treason [kasabian] on the bmg uk & ireland limited label.
04:21 PM- the voidz / the eternal tao 2.0 [the eternal tao 2.0] on the cult records label.
04:19 PM- ignant benches / sasfm [you gave it your best] on the ignant benches label.
04:16 PM- cherry glazerr / ohio [stuffed & ready] on the secretly canadian label.