ktru playsheet

things i don't understand

from Sun 09/10/2017 12:10:00 AM until Sun 09/10/2017 02:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:25 AM- radio / creepy outtro noise [creepy outtro noises pt ii] on the smooooooooooooooooth jazz label.
01:18 AM- msucial multiplicatino tablesadfsdf / 6s [muscal multpcation tbls plz] on the capitol recs label.
01:03 AM- charles mingus / II b.s [impulsive!revolutionay jazz reworked] on the universal music company label.
12:50 AM- dizzy gillespie / swing low, sweet caddilab [impulsive! revolutionary jazz reworked] on the universal music label.
12:38 AM- beatings, the / on-u sound dance [television] on the maim that tune unltd label.
12:27 AM- vale and ear / slumber [regime change] on the teen regime label.
12:15 AM- holy motors / sleepryder [sleepryder] on the wharf cat label.
12:11 AM- raymond scott / powerhouse [reckless nights and turkish twilights] on the columbia label.