ktru playsheet

Tuesday Nitro

from Tue 07/09/2002 09:00:00 PM until Tue 07/09/2002 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:59PM- dead kennedys / drug me [fresh fruit for rotting vegetables] on the alternative tentacles label.

09:55PM- sleater-kinney / i wanna be your joey ramone [call the doctor] on the chainsaw label.

09:49PM- television / friction [marquee moon] on the elektra label.

09:48PM- black flag / six pack [the first four years] on the SST label.

09:46PM- misfits / TV casuality [legacy of brutality] on the plan 9/caroline label.

09:45PM- me first and the gimme gimmes / rocket man [have a ball] on the fat wreck schords label.

09:34PM- violent society / in a hurry to die [not enjoyin' it] on the rottenroll records label.
09:33PM- the slits / newtown [cut] on the antilles records label.

09:29PM- fugazi / track 9 [the argument] on the dischord label.

09:26PM- positive state / a quarter's worth of culture [the bullshit initiative] on the torque label.

09:22PM- sex pistols / my way [flogging a dead horse] on the virgin label.

09:21PM- the queers / salt lake city [today EP] on the lookout label.

09:19PM- the 5 6 7 8's / one potato [s/t] on the au go go label.

09:16PM- operation ivy / junkie's runnin dry [energy] on the lookout label.

09:16PM- fitz of depression / power shack [let's give it a twist] on the K label.

09:08PM- flipper / sex bomb [sex bomb baby] on the subterranean label.

09:07PM- ramones / i wanna be sedated [mania] on the sire label.

09:04PM- the gossip / rules for luv [arkansas heat] on the kill rock stars label.

09:02PM- black flag / annihilate this week [annihilate this week] on the cesstone label.