ktru playsheet

Kid's Show

from Sat 11/13/2004 12:00:00 PM until Sat 11/13/2004 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:02 PM- the muppets / the big red bus, the happiness hotel [the great muppet caper] on the warner bros label.
12:59 PM- malvina reynolds / never argue with a bee [excerpts from the music book by boardman & andress] on the hot, rinehart and winston label.
12:52 PM- carl stalling / putty tat trouble part 6 -1951 [music from warner bros. cartoons 1936-1958] on the wb label.
12:47 PM- daniel johnston / jelly beans [fun] on the atlantic label.
12:47 PM- rosemary clooney / all the pretty little horses [sleep, baby sleep] on the columbia label.
12:45 PM- twink / do you hear the frog? [twink a picture book and compact disc by mike langlie] on the st label.
12:40 PM- kathy mcCarty / rocketship [mr. spaceman] on the music for little people label.
12:36 PM- ray stevens, frank gallopp / Bridget the Midget, the ballad of irving [Greatest Stars 24 Greatest Dumb Ditties] on the K-tel label.
12:30 PM- johnny cash & biff / five feet high & risin' [the stars come out on Sesame Street] on the CTW label.
12:30 PM- bert / the national association of W lovers [bert's blockbusters] on the ctw label.
12:23 PM- the mousekateers, mr. rogers / mickey mouse march, come on and wake up [sid & MARTY krofft television productions- the sound of innocents and imagination Vol. 1] on the wb? label.
12:21 PM- johnny cash & oscar the grouch / nasty dan [the stars come out on SESAME STREET~] on the ctw label.
12:13 PM- sid frank & ralph stein / excerpt [the gallant tailor of fooladelphia...a record] on the golden records label.
12:10 PM- animaniacs / the monkey song [variety] on the wb label.
12:09 PM- telephone co. / teeth [the king's surprise] on the businessdeal entertainment label.
12:08 PM- tiny tim / tip-toe thru the tulips, livin' in the sunlight, lovin' in the moonlight [god bless tiny tim] on the reprise records label.