ktru playsheet

Tuesday Nitro

from Tue 08/06/2002 09:00:00 PM until Tue 08/06/2002 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:01 PM- saint vitus / look behind you [blasting concept vol. II] on the sst label.
10:00 PM- von bondies / cryin' [lack of communication] on the sympathy for the record industry label.
09:55 PM- d r i / equal people [dealing with it] on the death label.
09:53 PM- big boys / wise up [skinny elvis] on the touch and go label.
09:50 PM- man...or astroman / intoxica [destro all astro-men] on the estrus label.
09:48 PM- pegboy / method [three-chord monte] on the 1/4 stick label.
09:46 PM- really red / noboby rules [s/t] on the angry neighbor label.
09:45 PM- bad brains / at the movies [rock for light] on the pvc label.
09:42 PM- meat puppets / lake of fire [II] on the sst label.
09:36 PM- greenhornes / lies [600] on the telstar label.
09:35 PM- cherry valence / sweat all over you [riffin] on the estrus label.
09:32 PM- damned / neat neat neat [diy] on the rhino label.
09:30 PM- dag nasty / the godfather [wig out at denkos] on the dischord label.
09:26 PM- cramps / human fly [gravest hits] on the illegal label.
09:24 PM- husker du / it's not funny anymore [metal circus] on the sst label.
09:23 PM- butthole surfers / gary floyd [another man's sac] on the touch and go label.
09:21 PM- iggy pop / repo man [soundtrack] on the san andreas label.
09:18 PM- x / your phones off the hook but your not [los angeles] on the slash label.
09:16 PM- no means no / body bag [s/t] on the alternative tentacles label.
09:13 PM- scratch acid / greatest gift [metal moo cow] on the matako mazuri label.
09:10 PM- heartbreakers / chinese rocks [diy] on the rhino label.
09:09 PM- dictators / i live for cars and girls [diy] on the rhino label.
09:07 PM- circle jerks / i just want some skank [group sex] on the frontier label.
09:05 PM- camper van beethoven / take the skinheads bowling [telephone free landslide victory] on the rough trade label.
09:03 PM- makers / sixgun [devil's nine questions] on the estrus label.