ktru playsheet

AaronB, JohnW
post punk

from Thu 04/14/2016 05:00:00 PM until Thu 04/14/2016 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:59 PM- the wipers / doom town [over th edge] on the restless records label.
06:55 PM- nothing yet / weeping messerchmitts [nothing yet] on the upright records label.
06:50 PM- xmal deutschland / stummes kind [fetisch] on the 4ad label.
06:45 PM- gang of four / what we all want [solid gold] on the zero/american label.
06:39 PM- she past away / uctu berlirsizlige [narin yalnizlik] on the remoov label.
06:33 PM- the passage / born every minute [degenerates] on the cherry red label.
06:26 PM- girl band / paul [holding hands with jamie] on the rough trade label.
06:22 PM- grauzone / eisbaer [grauzone] on the off course records label.
06:15 PM- magazine / shot by both sides [real life] on the virgin records label.
06:09 PM- au pairs / headache for michelle [playing with a different sex] on the human records label.
06:04 PM- bauhaus / hollow hills [mask] on the beggars banquet label.
06:01 PM- young marble giants / searching for mr. right [colossal youth] on the rough trade label.
05:57 PM- crisis / holocaust [holocaust hymns] on the ardkor label.
05:49 PM- his electro blue voice / spit dirt [ruthless sperm] on the sub pop label.
05:48 PM- icons of filth / mentally murdered [onward christian soldiers] on the mortarhate label.
05:43 PM- actified / crucifixion [crucifixion] on the jungle label.
05:36 PM- tv ghost / wired trap [mass dream] on the in the red label.
05:32 PM- dead cult / ghosts still dance [ghosts still dance] on the all the madmen label.
05:30 PM- hagar the womb / you never learn [life of lies....distant war....you never learn] on the all the madmen label.
05:26 PM- the southern death cult / moya [the southern death cult] on the beggars banquet label.
05:19 PM- antiguo regimen / politica de tierra quemada [politica de tierra quemada] on the burka for everybody label.
05:15 PM- be forest / florence [cold.] on the we were never being boring label.
05:12 PM- shopping / no show [why choose] on the fat cat label.
05:08 PM- bunnydrums / little room [pkd] on the red label.
05:04 PM- glass / glass (-accent) [accent] on the academia label.
05:02 PM- girls names / dysmorphia [arms around a vision] on the tough love label.