ktru playsheet

kids' show

from Sat 05/07/2016 12:20:00 PM until Sat 05/07/2016 12:20:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:59 PM- shayna brown / crabzilla [science of the sea] on the marine science institute label.
01:56 PM- say hi / kiss off [sing me to sleep] on the american laundromat label.
01:53 PM- shayna brown / microbeadsd [science and the sea] on the marine science institute label.
01:50 PM- weird al yankovic / dare to be stupid [the transformers] on the legacy label.
01:45 PM- lead belly / john henry [lead belly sings for children] on the smithsonian/folkways label.
01:41 PM- James K / good green earth [good morning sun goodnight moon] on the rivertown label.
01:39 PM- coach eddie / i'm the umpire! [playball !] on the teamtune.com label.
01:35 PM- abbot and costello / who's on first [playball!] on the teamtunes.com label.
01:30 PM- eddie coker / if mama ain't happy [schnorgel and berg] on the tee hee records label.
01:23 PM- willie nelson / i'm mu own grandpa [gather round songs for kids and other folks] on the sonic music label.
01:21 PM- joe mcdermott / flying saucer [above the crowd] on the boucing ball label.
01:18 PM- sid and marty krofft / when I see an elephant fly [the sound of innocents and imagination vol. 1] on the k-tru mix label.
01:16 PM- john flynn / she'd not lady, she's my mom [a manatee sneezed on me] on the self released label.
01:14 PM- pamela lucia / moontown [into outer space] on the arf arf label.
01:12 PM- various / zoo [curious george 2] on the denon label.
01:08 PM- tommy gardner / summertime [kangaroo waffles] on the uncle brothers label.
01:04 PM- boyz to men / a song for mama [celebration of family] on the music for little people label.
01:02 PM- powerpuff girls / boogie man [the city of soundsville] on the rhino label.
12:55 PM- flo and eddie / we all are gumby [gumby] on the buena vista records label.
12:53 PM- kermit / being green [all-star party] on the k-tel international label.
12:51 PM- various / i like to weigh with kilograms [songs of meter park] on the metric records label.
12:47 PM- john mccutheon / new car [mail myself to you] on the rounder label.
12:42 PM- bob hastings / magic carpet ride [over 40 of the worlds greatest children's songs] on the rca label.
12:33 PM- marie mccormick, feather swartz, darrell sandeen / alphabet exercises [physical fitness for boys and girls] on the golden records label.
12:30 PM- mr rogers / children can [you are special] on the mister rogers neighborhood records label.
12:28 PM- bert / the national association of "w" lovers [berts blockbusters] on the sesame street label.
12:25 PM- julie andrews / few of my favorite things [the sound of music] on the rca label.
12:24 PM- rowlf / cottleston pie [the muppet show] on the arista label.
12:21 PM- they might be giants / she was a hotel detective [she was a hotel detective] on the bar none label.