ktru playsheet

ScottButt, BrendanM
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 08/30/2018 10:00:00 PM until Thu 08/30/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:01 AM- Megadeth / Peace Sells [Peace Sells But Who's Buying] on the Capitol / Combat Records label.
12:57 AM- The Swingin' Neckbreakers / Take Your Life [Live for Buzz] on the Telstar Records label.
12:50 AM- Fuzz / Let it Live [II] on the In the Red Records label.
12:48 AM- The Ramones / Chain Saw [The Ramones] on the Sire label.
12:46 AM- Bad Religion / The Gray Race [The Gray Race] on the Atlantic label.
12:43 AM- Fugazi / KYEO [Steady Diet of Nothing] on the Dischord label.
12:40 AM- Dinosaur Jr. / On The Way [Where You Been] on the Sire label.
12:36 AM- Joy Division / Shadowplay [Unknown Pleasures] on the London label.
12:34 AM- Sir Bald Diddley and His Right Horrible Big Wigs / Chaeto [Locked In To Surf Vol 1] on the Alopecia Records label.
12:31 AM- The Aim / Kill Your Darlings [The Record] on the Self Released label.
12:24 AM- Funeral Horse / Burial Of The Sun [Psalms For the Mourning] on the Self Released label.
12:19 AM- Wipers / Nothing Left To Loose [Land of the Lost] on the Restless Records label.
12:16 AM- Sleater-Kinney / End of You [The Hot Rock] on the Kill Rock Stars label.
12:14 AM- The Breeders / I Just Want To Get Along [Last Splash] on the Plain Records label.
12:11 AM- ZZ Top / Snappy Kakkie [Tejas] on the London label.
12:06 AM- Corrosion of Conformity / Heaven's Not Overflowing [Deliverance] on the Columbia label.
12:02 AM- The Thermals / Our Trip + Every Stitch [Fuckin A] on the Sub Pop label.
11:56 PM- Wire / Fragile + Mannequin [Pink Flag] on the Harvest Records label.
11:53 PM- The Hives / Bigger Hole to Fill [The Black And Album] on the A&M Records label.
11:50 PM- Surf Trio / Strychnine [Here Ain't The Sonics] on the Popllama / Estrus label.
11:47 PM- The Cramps / You've Got Good Taste [Smell Of Female] on the New Rose label.
11:45 PM- Pennywise / Fight Till You Die [Full Circle] on the Epitaph label.
11:43 PM- The Headcoats / You've Got Your Head On Backwards [Here Ain't The Sonics] on the Popllama / Estrus label.
11:38 PM- The Good The Bad / 034 & 035 [From 034 to 050] on the The Unsiged Records label.
11:34 PM- Social Distortion / She's a Knockout [Solcial Distortion] on the Epic label.
11:32 PM- Death / Keep On Knocking [For the Whole World To See] on the Drag City label.
11:29 PM- sugar shack / vip [get out of my world] on the estrus label.
11:28 PM- replacements / nevermind [pleased to meet me] on the sire label.
11:23 PM- poor dumb bastards / bubba did [north american wild ass] on the pdb label.
11:20 PM- jack oblivian / trash [so low] on the sympathy label.
11:18 PM- venomous maximus / path of doom [beg upon the light] on the occulture label.
11:14 PM- jack o fire / slow down [here it is tiger] on the 00 label.
11:11 PM- d.r.i. / evil minds [dealing with it] on the death label.
11:09 PM- the cramps / save it [off the bone] on the illegal label.
11:06 PM- oblivians / cannonball [on the go] on the goner label.
11:05 PM- boss hog / go wrong [cold hands] on the amphetamine reptile noise label.
11:00 PM- monkeywrench / one step closer [goes round comes round] on the valley king label.
10:58 PM- supercharger / rev it up [7"] on the bag of hammers label.
10:53 PM- thee mighty caesars / baby who mutilated everybody's heart [surly they were the sons of god] on the damaged goods label.
10:51 PM- mudhoney / it is us [7"] on the sub pop label.
10:49 PM- the fleshtones / friends of bazooka joe [blood red battle royal] on the blood red label.
10:47 PM- melvins / snake appeal [10 songs] on the c/z label.
10:46 PM- ko and the knockouts / i wanna (see you again) [ko and the knockouts] on the sympathy label.
10:44 PM- the dicks / anti-klan [1980-1985] on the alternative tentacles label.
10:42 PM- the mummies / justine [never been caught] on the telstar label.
10:40 PM- the ettes / it ain't you [eat the dust] on the sympathy label.
10:37 PM- danny and the darleans / i'm right here [bug out] on the in the red label.
10:35 PM- kid congo and the pink monkees / let's go [humble head] on the goner label.
10:32 PM- the hellacopters / bore me [supershitty to the max] on the white jazz label.
10:30 PM- minutemen / big blast for youth [the politics of time] on the sst label.
10:27 PM- les sexareenos / do the rat dog [14 frenzied shakes] on the sympathy label.
10:25 PM- the willowz / cons and tricks [talk in circles] on the sympathy label.
10:23 PM- the muffs / another ugly face [alert today alive tomorrow] on the reprise label.
10:18 PM- dinosaur jr. / severed lips [dinosaur] on the homestead indies label.
10:15 PM- young girls / we're not friends [young girls] on the yg label.
10:07 PM- devo / uncontrollable urge [q: are we not men] on the wb label.
10:06 PM- lynyrd skynyrd / t for texas [best of the rest] on the mca label.