ktru playsheet


from Wed 01/24/2018 10:00:00 AM until Wed 01/24/2018 11:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

10:54 AM- the shins / heartworms- flipped [heartworms (flipped)] on the james mercer label.
10:50 AM- oriel poole / homegirl [sunday] on the max savage label.
10:47 AM- car seat headrest / nervous young inhumans [nervous young inhumans] on the will toledo label.
10:44 AM- haux / youth [youth] on the woodson black label.
10:39 AM- the plastics / who am i to say [in threes] on the the plastics label.
10:36 AM- khai / alive [alive] on the khai label.
10:30 AM- life is better blonde / swim good [swim good] on the life is better blonde label.
10:27 AM- aust / let him die [let him die] on the aust label.
10:25 AM- strfkr / interspace [being no one, going nowhere] on the polyvinyl records label.
10:21 AM- phantogram, future islands / black out days- future islands remix [black out days- future islands remix] on the republic records label.
10:18 AM- laoise, sleeping lion / you- sleeping lion remix [you- sleeping lion remix] on the laoise label.
10:14 AM- bnny rbbt / big world [big world] on the self released label.
10:07 AM- private island / drugs [sunbreak] on the bob curtin recording label.
10:06 AM- still woozy / vacation [vacation] on the self released label.
10:01 AM- yes nice / white washed walls [warm gun] on the self released label.