ktru playsheet

AaronB, JohnW
post punk

from Thu 01/14/2016 05:00:00 PM until Thu 01/14/2016 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:58 PM- david bowie / five years [ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars] on the rca label.
06:54 PM- bauhaus / all we ever wanted was everything [the sky's gone out] on the beggars banquet label.
06:51 PM- clan of xymox / heroes [kindred spirits] on the trisol label.
06:47 PM- disappears / always crashing in the same car [low: live in chivago] on the sonic cathedral label.
06:40 PM- nosferatu / starman [goth oddity: a tribute to david bowie] on the cleopatra label.
06:36 PM- james chance and the contortions / jaded [no new york] on the lilith label.
06:31 PM- anomy / tvc 15 [tvc 15 / lone wolf] on the inner landscapes label.
06:26 PM- iggy pop / china girl [the idiot] on the rca label.
06:18 PM- alien sex fiend / all the madmen (padded cell mix) [goth oddity: a tribute to david bowie] on the cleopatra label.
06:13 PM- the kvb / rebel rebel [a salute to the thin white duke] on the cleopatra label.
06:10 PM- vice squad / saviour machine [stand strong stand proud] on the captain oi! records label.
06:05 PM- david bowie / sue (or in a season of crime) [blackstar] on the sony label.
05:54 PM- bauhaus / bela lugosi's dead [bela lugosi's dead / boys] on the small wonder label.
05:52 PM- suicide / ghost rider [s/t] on the red star label.
05:48 PM- pleasure leftists / elephant man [pleasure leftists ep] on the deranged label.
05:43 PM- crime & the city solution / six bells chime [room of lights] on the mute label.
05:36 PM- sleaford mods / no one's bothered [key markets] on the harbinger label.
05:34 PM- cult of youth / new west [s/t] on the sacred bones label.
05:28 PM- wailin storms / ribcage fireplace [one foot in the flesh grave] on the magic bullet label.
05:23 PM- girls names / a hunger artist [arms around a vision] on the tough love label.
05:15 PM- grave pleasures / worn threads [dreamcrash] on the columbia label.
05:11 PM- wall of voodoo / mexican radio [call of the west] on the illegal records label.
05:06 PM- ciccone youth / into the groovey [the whitey album] on the blast first label.
05:04 PM- glaxo babies / stay awake [put me on the guest list] on the heartbeat label.