ktru playsheet


from Sun 06/19/2011 08:00:00 PM until Sun 06/19/2011 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:57 PM- pixyblink / crystal butterfly [unreleased] on the . label.
09:54 PM- beach house / master of none [s/t] on the car park label.
09:50 PM- autolux / the bouncing wall [transit transit] on the tbd records label.
09:45 PM- the black angels / yellow elavator #2 [phosphene dream] on the blue horizon label.
09:41 PM- bloody knives / my blood is in your veins [disappear ep] on the killredrocket records label.
09:37 PM- smashing orange / flower kisses [the glass bead game] on the american native label label.
09:32 PM- spacemen 3 / things'll never be the same [the perfect prescription] on the glass records label.
09:28 PM- 8OO beloved / tidal [everything purple] on the s/r label.
09:25 PM- astrobrite / overdriver [crush] on the . label.
09:21 PM- new speedway / when we talk [single] on the . label.
09:14 PM- the ecstacy of st theresa / swoony [sussurate] on the reflex label.
09:13 PM- ringo deathstarr / imagine hearts [colour trip] on the sonic union label.
09:05 PM- the voices / evermore [the voices] on the my kung fu label.
09:01 PM- flying saucer attack / standing stone [distance] on the . label.
08:54 PM- beach fossils / golden age [s/t] on the captured tracks label.
08:50 PM- white wishes / chill [single] on the shelflife label.
08:44 PM- sunsplit / we fall away [sing for sunday] on the s/r label.
08:39 PM- ulrich schnauss / shine [goodbye] on the domino label.
08:33 PM- between the cities are stars / kiss [degausser] on the killredrocket records label.
08:31 PM- thieves like us / lover lover [singe] on the shelflife. label.
08:26 PM- youngteam / daydreamer [daydreamer] on the northern star records label.
08:25 PM- the lucksmiths / a little distraction [a little distraction] on the . label.
08:20 PM- craft spells / beauty above all [idle labor] on the captured tracks label.
08:17 PM- the sweetest ache / tell me how it feels [single] on the sarah label.
08:12 PM- tame impala / why won't you make up your mind [.] on the . label.
08:09 PM- bell hollow / copper crayon [foxgloves] on the five03 records label.h
08:05 PM- trembling blue stars / cold colours [single] on the . label.
08:02 PM- slowdive / primal [just for a day] on the creation label.