ktru playsheet

kids' show

from Sat 01/16/2016 12:00:00 PM until Sat 01/16/2016 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:57 PM- broken social scene / puff the magic dragon [see you on the moon!] on the paperbag records label.
01:52 PM- gummibar / touch me (gummibar) [i am your gummy bear] on the gummybear international label.
01:51 PM- twink / scooter pie [ice cream truckin'] on the mulatta label.
01:48 PM- apple brains / frutero [get fruity] on the slovenly records label.
01:44 PM- willie nelson / i'm my own grandpa [gather round] on the sony label.
01:41 PM- various / star trek theme [inside star trek] on the columbia label.
01:40 PM- dan zanes / saro jane [little nut tree] on the festival five records label.
01:35 PM- joe mcdermott / baby kangaroo [above the crowds] on the bouncing ball music label.
01:30 PM- powerpuff girls / main title [the city of soundsville] on the rhino label.
01:25 PM- jerry garcia with david grisman / freight train [gather round] on the sony label.
01:19 PM- fred penner / ghost riders in the sky [the cat came back] on the shoreline label.
01:16 PM- t-bone and cleo / big big big red dog [clifford really big musical tribute] on the music for little people label.
01:13 PM- louis primo / if you wanna see some strange behavior [more jungle book, further adventures of baloo and mowgli] on the disneyland label.
01:01 PM- dino 5 / the dino 5 [the dino 5] on the baby loves hip hop label.
12:57 PM- bob hastings / polly wolly doodle all day [45 songs children love to sing] on the rca label.
12:54 PM- devo / planet earth [freedom of choice] on the rca label.
12:51 PM- roosevelt franklin / the safety boy blues [my nme is roosevelt franklin] on the pickled pig feet music label.
12:48 PM- bob hastings / i've been working on the railroad medley [45 songs children love to sing] on the rca label.
12:44 PM- justin roberts / koala bear diner [meltdown!] on the carpet square records label.
12:42 PM- the big bopper / chantilly lace [goofy gold] on the hrb music company label.
12:39 PM- de band krijgt kindren / alles uit de kast [european playground] on the putumayo kids label.
12:36 PM- jackie gleeson / one of these days... pow! [and awaaay we go!] on the scamp records label.
12:34 PM- kinder angst / big time out [s/t] on the s/r label.
12:31 PM- laura simms / rat fish [fish tales] on the lyrichord discs, inc. label.
12:28 PM- kids / hey there delilah / girls just want to have fun [kidz bop3] on the kidz bop, llc label.
12:23 PM- apples in stereo / that's my family [music is... awesome! vol 2] on the filter us label.
12:21 PM- grover / am i blue [grover sings the blues] on the sesame street, inc. label.
12:20 PM- the mariners nine / martian beauty [the count counts] on the sesame steet, inc. label.
12:17 PM- hollywood argyles / alley oop [goofy gold] on the hrb music company label.
12:15 PM- johnny cash / ah bos cee dah [the johnny cash children's album] on the columbia label.
12:12 PM- ween / the shot heard 'round the world [school house rock! rocks] on the atlantic label.