ktru playsheet

RosaG, ScottB
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 10/19/2017 10:03:00 PM until Thu 10/19/2017 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:06 AM- the jesus and mary chain / my little underground [psychocandy] on the blanco y negro label.
01:03 AM- x / year 1 [wild gift] on the slash label.
01:03 AM- new bomb turks / grounded ex-patriot [drunk on cock ep] on the engine label.
01:00 AM- mudhoney / between me and you kid [five dollar bob's mock cooter stew] on the reprise label.
12:55 AM- t. rex / girl [electric warrior] on the reprise label.
12:50 AM- mr. airplane man / hangin' round my door [red light] on the in the red label.
12:50 AM- suzi chunk / look back and laugh [girl from the neck up] on the state label.
12:48 AM- blondie / will anything happen [parallel lines] on the chrysalis label.
12:47 AM- the muffs / from your girl [the muffs] on the wb label.
12:42 AM- nikki and the corvettes / let's go [nikki and the corvettes] on the label.
12:41 AM- the dirtbombs / crazy for you [ooey gooey chewy ka-blooey] on the in the red label.
12:34 AM- the white stripes / let's shake hands [live in houston 9/14/01] on the rudyard's label.
12:33 AM- tones on tail / christian says [the album pop] on the pvc label.
12:31 AM- the mystery lights / follow me home [the mystery lights] on the wick label.
12:27 AM- ty segall / spiders [singles 2] on the label.
12:25 AM- elvis costello / radio radio [demo] on the columbia label.
12:24 AM- the english beat / twist and crawl [beat this] on the label.
12:21 AM- the makers / angry young man [the makers] on the estrus label.
12:21 AM- riverboat gamblers / ohh yeah [something to crow about] on the gearhead label.
12:18 AM- melt banana / drug store [charlie] on the label.
12:16 AM- lamps / anvil [lamps] on the in the red label.
12:14 AM- chain and the gang / the logic of night [best of crime rock] on the label.
12:10 AM- nebula / beyond [charged] on the man's ruin label.
12:07 AM- sinister six / do you understand [outta sight] on the empty label.
12:03 AM- the blasters / dark knight [hard lines] on the slash label.
12:01 AM- the huntington cads / never to return [the huntington cads] on the surf label.
11:58 PM- screeching weasel / sad little girl [wiggle] on the lookout label.
11:55 PM- thee headcoatees / i'm happy [the sisters of suave] on the damaged goods label.
11:54 PM- thee headcoats / you got your head on backwards [here ain't the sonics] on the popllama label.
11:50 PM- descendents / rockstar [i don't wanna grow up] on the sst label.
11:50 PM- the love me nots / love letter [detroit] on the au-go-go label.
11:42 PM- the hentchmen / ham and oil [hentch fore five] on the norton label.
11:42 PM- the parting gifts / staring [strychnine dandelion] on the in the red label.
11:40 PM- nikki lane / big mouth [highway queen] on the new west label.
11:35 PM- coffin lids / mad party ['round midnight] on the sympathy label.
11:32 PM- king khan / tell me [smash hits] on the in the red label.
11:31 PM- tenderlion / so cold [tenderlion] on the time bomb label.
11:29 PM- zeke / chiva, quicksand [super racing sound] on the scooch pooch label.
11:26 PM- the kinks / everybody's gonna be happy [v/a high fidelity soundtrack] on the hollywood records label.
11:25 PM- the who / la la lies [the who sings my generation] on the decca label.
11:23 PM- silverhead / long legged lisa [silverhead] on the vinnilissimo label.
11:18 PM- the dicks / saturday night at the bookstore [1980-1986] on the virus label.
11:15 PM- oister / miserable lady [oister] on the hozac label.
11:13 PM- doa / class war [war on 45] on the alternative tentacles label.
11:10 PM- mc5 / kick out the jams [the big bang!] on the rhino label.
11:04 PM- the bush / got love if you want it [got bush if you want it, teh savage young bushmen of rialto, 1965-66] on the ugly things records label.
10:58 PM- roky erickson and the explosives / starry eyes [halloween live 79-81] on the steady boy label.
10:54 PM- germs / lexicon devil [mia the complete anthology] on the slash label.
10:50 PM- davila 666 / callejon [davila 666] on the in the red label.
10:48 PM- the plimsouls / hush hush [one night in america] on the oglio label.
10:45 PM- the real kids / foggy notion [EP foggy notion] on the norton label.
10:40 PM- the outsiders / touch [the outsiders the original hit recordings and more] on the emi bovema label.
10:38 PM- really red / teaching you the fear [really red] on the angry neighbor label.
10:35 PM- corrosion of conformity / kiss of death [animosity] on the death records label.
10:29 PM- the black keys / midnigh in her eyes [thickfreakness] on the fat possum records label.
10:25 PM- mud / tiger feet [greatest hits] on the emi label.
10:23 PM- the on and ons / you and i [7"] on the get hip label.
10:20 PM- dorian / destination nowhere [dorian] on the amerama records label.
10:17 PM- the count bishops / train train [v/a goodbye nashville hello camden town a pub rock anthology] on the castle music label.
10:14 PM- fearless iranians from hell / foolish americans [foolish american/ holy war/ die for allah] on the boner records label.
10:10 PM- poizon / green boob [church is poizon] on the twistworthy records label.
10:07 PM- deskonocidos / vamos a bailar [en la oscuridad] on the trabuc records label.
10:06 PM- los rebeldes / el gordo [v/a wild mexico vol. 1 a collection fo raw nd rare 60s mexican rock 'n' roll!!] on the pinche disco label.