ktru playsheet

BrendanM, ScottB
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 08/09/2018 10:00:00 PM until Fri 08/10/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:01 AM- project grimm / lifetime of goodness [songs from the icehouse] on the label.
12:55 AM- the mummies / shot down [never been caught] on the telstar label.
12:54 AM- pork / do you think i'm sexy [slop] on the no.6 label.
12:52 AM- zeke / daytona [flat tracker] on the scooch pooch label.
12:51 AM- big black / precious thing [songs about fucking] on the touch and go label.
12:49 AM- the briefs / year long summer [hit after hit] on the dirtnap label.
12:48 AM- the dirtbombs / hot sour salty sweet [ooey gooey chewy kablooie] on the in the red label.
12:45 AM- nervous eaters / loretta [nervous eaters] on the elektra label.
12:42 AM- devo / space junk [q: are we not men] on the wb label.
12:42 AM- the fleshtones / hit me [beachhead] on the yep roc label.
12:38 AM- les sexareeenos / ruby d [singles and unreleased] on the in the red label.
12:36 AM- something fierce / on your own [there are no answers] on the dirtnap label.
12:35 AM- the launderettes / juvenile thrills [fluff n fold] on the wicked cool label.
12:29 AM- miss alex white / in a hole [maw] on the in the red label.
12:26 AM- velvet underground / that's the story of my life [vu] on the verve label.
12:25 AM- bad sports / can't just be friends [kings of the weekend] on the dirtnap label.
12:22 AM- jack white / why walk a dog [boarding house reach] on the third man label.
12:21 AM- the coathangers / jaybird [larceny and lace] on the suicide squeeze label.
12:20 AM- jon spencer blues explosion / son of sam [juke box explosion] on the crypt label.
12:16 AM- lazy cowgirls / goddamn bottle [tapping the source] on the sympathy label.
12:13 AM- mono men / testify [tsb] on the estrus label.
12:11 AM- the runaways / saturday night special [and now . . .] on the mercury label.
12:08 AM- mc5 / i can only give you everything [7"] on the modern harmonic label.
12:02 AM- the hellacopters / truckloads of nothing [smash up derby] on the gearhead label.
12:01 AM- gwar / bone meal, ollie north [hell-o] on the shimmy disc label.
11:57 PM- bark hard / kicked me out of hell [bark hard] on the zorlac label.
11:52 PM- ty segall / cents [lemon] on the burger label.
11:51 PM- birthday party / dead joe [junk yard] on the 4ad label.
11:47 PM- jay reatard / it's so easy [blood vision] on the in the red label.
11:46 PM- nebula / ghost ride [apollo] on the sub pop label.
11:43 PM- Black Flag / My War [My War] on the SST label.
11:39 PM- The Von Bondies / Pawn Shoppe Heart [Pawn Shoppe Heart] on the Sire label.
11:34 PM- The Hives / Die, All Right [Veni Vidi Vicious] on the Burnign Heart Records label.
11:31 PM- Dead Moon / Cast Will Change [Crack In The System] on the Mississippi Records label.
11:28 PM- Black Lips / Not a Problem [Let it Bloom] on the In The Red Records label.
11:22 PM- Man or Astroman? / Theme From Eeviac + A Reversal of Polarity [Eeviac] on the Touch and Goe label.
11:19 PM- The White Stripes / Little Bird [DeStijl] on the Third Man label.
11:12 PM- The Sword / The White Sea [Gods Of The Earth] on the Kemado label.
11:08 PM- American Sharks / Iron Lungs + Overdrive [S/T] on the The End Records label.
11:05 PM- Helmet / Wilma's Rainbo [Betty] on the Interscope label.
11:01 PM- Fugazi / Sieve-Fisted Find [Repeater] on the Dischord label.
10:57 PM- Fu Manchu / Boogie Van [Go For It...Live] on the Steamhammer label.
10:52 PM- The King Khan & BBQ Show / Fishfight [The King Kahn & BBQ Show] on the In The Red label.
10:50 PM- Pennywise / Running Out Of Time [Full Circle] on the Epitaph label.
10:46 PM- Fu Manchu / Mongoose [Go For It...Live!] on the Steamhammer Records label.
10:44 PM- Bad Brains / Suck Sess [Into The Future] on the Megaforce Records label.
10:41 PM- Sleeater Kinney / Ironclad [All Hands On The Bad One] on the Kill Rock Stars label.
10:38 PM- Bad Religon / American Jesus [Recipe For Hate] on the Epitaph label.
10:34 PM- The Rolling Stones / Under My Thumb [Hot Rocks] on the London label.
10:32 PM- Demented Are Go / Human Slug [In Sickness & Health] on the ID Records label.
10:28 PM- Mono Men / Watch Ouside [Recorded Live At Tom's Strip N Bowl] on the Estrus label.
10:22 PM- The Pixies / Bone Machine + Break My Body [Surfer Rosa] on the 4AD label.
10:17 PM- MC5 / Motor City is Burning [Kick Out The Jams] on the Elektra label.
10:13 PM- Dinosaur Jr. / On The Way [Where You Been?] on the Sire label.
10:08 PM- Dead Kennedys / I am the Owl [Plastic Surgery Disasters] on the Manifesto label.
10:05 PM- 13th Floor Elevators / The Kingdom of Heaven [The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators] on the International Artist label.
10:03 PM- ZZ Top / Balinese [Fandago] on the London label.