ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 10/09/2017 09:00:00 PM until Mon 10/09/2017 11:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

11:57 PM- black magic marker / broadcast [u/r] on the s/r label.
11:52 PM- the energy / girls don't like me [the energy's first album] on the team science records label.
11:50 PM- mydolls / politician [it's too hot for revolution] on the betsey label.
11:47 PM- jesus penis / twilight [you'dsellarat'sassholetoablindmanasaweddingring] on the the bureaucracy of hope label.
11:42 PM- royal trux / blue is the frequency ["live" platinum tips + ice cream] on the drag city label.
11:35 PM- the hafler trio / extracts from " 'just' physiological intonation [walk gently through the gates of joy] on the touch/the grey area of mute records label.
11:02 PM- xioix / caerimonia [s/t] on the fantasy 1 label.
10:54 PM- st 37 / all the same [fornicate you, you rule: st 37's greatest "hits"] on the blue circle label.
10:50 PM- brainbombs / down in the gutter [urge to kill] on the load records label.
10:47 PM- awen / brigid the dark, brigid the light [abyssus abyssum invocat (defiance in dallas)] on the folk world viii label.
10:44 PM- poor dumb bastards / my dad two whores & a crackpipe [valley of the dogs] on the septic records label.
10:41 PM- butthole surfers / mexican caravan [psychic powerless... another man's sac] on the fundameltal music label.
10:33 PM- cop warmth / dungeon maid [trash gods] on the s/r label.
10:30 PM- p16.d4 / sb ii: pionierchor "diamat" [tionchor] on the sonoris label.
10:25 PM- pain teens / noh jam [born in blood] on the trance syndicate label.
10:20 PM- distant worker / pornovenise [animal data] on the twicetown sound label.
10:14 PM- t.e.f. / untitled [consequences in conversation] on the dada drumming label.
10:12 PM- snooty garbagemen / live on the sun [s/t] on the 12xu label.
10:11 PM- total abuse / dna evidence [excluded] on the deranged records label.
10:08 PM- brekekekexkoaxkoax / note: the demon at 5 o'clock has another demon for a butt [austin noise 2016] on the instincto records label.
10:01 PM- paper sparrow / false patern recognition [s/t] on the s/r label.
09:52 PM- gentle giant / the runaway [in a glass house] on the wwa records label.
09:46 PM- terror apart / my house [knight rider] on the fantasy 1 label.
09:37 PM- anna von hausswolff / discovery [the miraculous] on the pomperipossa records label.
09:31 PM- i'llbeonthefonetoyou / the man with a tree growing out of his head [12" ep] on the c.i.a. label.
09:22 PM- limb / pompeii [but rage at what] on the obsolete media objects label.
09:18 PM- edgard varese / interpolation iii from deserts [the varese record] on the finnadar label.
09:08 PM- carla bozulich / evangelista i [evangelista] on the constellation label.
09:03 PM- astrogenic hallucinauting / myrmicine spy [abian space] on the manipulate label.
09:01 PM- spanish cloister / by hook or crook [austin noise 2016] on the instincto records label.