ktru playsheet

BrendanM, ScottB
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 03/08/2018 10:01:00 PM until Thu 03/08/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:04 AM- black keys / have love will travel [thickfreakness] on the fat possum label.
01:02 AM- yo la tengo / friday i'm in love [stuff like that there] on the matador label.
01:01 AM- dwight yoakam / honky tonk man [guitars cadillacs etc...] on the reprise label.
12:57 AM- descendents / i wanna be a bear [somery] on the sst label.
12:56 AM- loco gringos / nurture my pig [7"] on the lg label.
12:55 AM- jack o and the tennessee tearjerkers / i can't find my way home [flip side kid] on the sympathy label.
12:52 AM- new york dolls / bad girl [new york dolls] on the mercury label.
12:51 AM- chrome cranks / movie star [love in exile] on the pcp label.
12:50 AM- best coast / dreaming my life away [the only place] on the mexican summer label.
12:45 AM- royal trux / gold dust [royal trux] on the royal label.
12:42 AM- dwarves / monday blues [horror stories] on the voxx label.
12:41 AM- detroit cobras / leave my kitten alone [tied and true] on the bloodshot label.
12:40 AM- fearless iranians from hell / land of the free [7"] on the fifh label.
12:37 AM- superchunk / what a time to be alive [what a time to be alive] on the merge label.
12:34 AM- backbeat band / road runner [backbeat soundtrack] on the soundtrack label.
12:32 AM- hentchmen / life story [motorvatin'] on the norton label.
12:29 AM- angry samoans / steak knife [the unboxed set] on the triple xxx label.
12:28 AM- the pretty things / honey i need [come see me] on the fontana label.
12:24 AM- royal pendletons / death of an angel [oh yeah, baby] on the sympathy label.
12:22 AM- really red / bored with apathy [really red] on the cia label.
12:20 AM- minutemen / working men are pissed [post mersh vol. 1] on the sst label.
12:17 AM- south filthy / hot dog [you can name it yo mammy if you want to] on the sympathy label.
12:17 AM- the headcoats / double face [the good times are killing me] on the damaged goods label.
12:15 AM- motards / put me down [stardom] on the empty label.
12:12 AM- fugazi / merchandise [repeater] on the dischord label.
12:11 AM- big black / ready man [rich man's eight track] on the touch and go label.
12:06 AM- the smears / shout [in the garage] on the dionysus label.
12:06 AM- red aunts / detroit valentine [#1 chicken] on the sympathy label.
12:02 AM- insect warfare / reannimated hordes [endless execution] on the 626 thrash label.
11:59 PM- the deadly snakes / west texas sound [i'm not your soldier] on the in the red label.
11:59 PM- the hellacopters / throw away heroes [high visibility] on the gearhead label.
11:56 PM- new original sonic sound / i'm going home [new original sonic sound] on the jackpot label.
11:54 PM- wailers / do you wanna dance [wailers wailers everywhere] on the norton label.
11:51 PM- daniel johnston / sorry entertainer [yip / jump music] on the self released label.
11:49 PM- thee oh sees / holy smoke [mutilator defeated] on the castleface label.
11:47 PM- mudhoney / 24 hours [dope, guns] on the amphetamine reptile label.
11:38 PM- dead meadow / sleepy silver [dead meadow] on the planaria label.
11:36 PM- The Von Bondies / No Sugar Mamma [Lack of Communication] on the Sweet Nothing label.
11:32 PM- Ramones / I wanted Everything [Road To Ruin] on the Sire label.
11:26 PM- The Mortals / Nitroglycerin [Estrus Gearbox 7" Collection] on the Estrus label.
11:23 PM- William Penn V / Swami [Pebbles Vol 3] on the BFD Records label.
11:20 PM- Unknown / Train to Nowhere [Train to Nowhere! Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates Vol 3] on the Norton Records label.
11:17 PM- American Sharks / Indian Man [Self Titled] on the The End Recods label.
11:14 PM- Moving Sidewalks / Flashback [The Complete Collection] on the Rock Beat Records label.
11:12 PM- Man Or Astroman...? / Interstellar Hardrive [Eeviac] on the Touch and Go label.
11:10 PM- The Thermals / God and Country [Fuckin A] on the Sub Pop label.
11:06 PM- The Von Bondies / Lack of Communication [Lack of Communication] on the Sweet Nothing Records label.
11:02 PM- The King Khan & BBQ Show / Animal Party [Invisible Girl] on the In the Red Records label.
10:59 PM- Black Lips / Oh Katrina [Live at Third Man Records] on the Thrid Man Records label.
10:55 PM- Death / Keep on Knocking [Death] on the Drag City label.
10:52 PM- The Hives / Supply and Demand [Veni Vidi Vicious] on the Burning Heart label.
10:51 PM- The Offspring / Nothing From Something [Ignition] on the Epitaph label.
10:48 PM- Gories / He's Doin' It [Outta Here] on the Crypt Records label.
10:45 PM- Melvins / Grinding Process [Melvins] on the C/Z Records label.
10:39 PM- Polvo / The Drill [Vibracobra / The Drill 7"] on the Kitchen Puff Records label.
10:37 PM- Sleater Kinney / The End of You [The Hot Rock] on the Kill Rock Stars label.
10:33 PM- The13th Floor Elevators / You're Gonna Miss Me [The Psychedelic Sounds Of the 13th Floor Elevators] on the International Artists label.
10:31 PM- Potential Frenzy / Please Go Away [Plase Go Away 7"] on the Self label.
10:27 PM- Dinosaur Jr. / Almost Ready [Beyond] on the Fat Possum Records label.
10:23 PM- Hunters / Narcissist [Self Titled] on the Mom+Pop Records label.
10:20 PM- Putters / Drink [Muscle Car 7"] on the Empty Records label.
10:17 PM- The Cramps / What's Inside A Girl [A Date With Elvis] on the Vengence Records label.
10:09 PM- Spacemen 3 / Rollercoaster [Sound of Confusion] on the Fire Records label.
10:05 PM- At The Drive In / One Armed Sissor [Relationship Of Command] on the Twenty-First Chapter Records label.