ktru playsheet


from Fri 05/11/2018 08:05:00 AM until Fri 05/11/2018 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

10:02 PM- Childish Gambino / Sober [Kauai] on the mcDJ label.
09:54 PM- kerri / Evanie [Single Track] on the nourish. label.
09:52 PM- Nude / Wolves (feat. Kurus) [Nuit-EP] on the mineral records label.
09:48 PM- Laxcity / Pixie [Laxcity] on the Secret Shores label.
09:45 PM- laxcity / good mroning [s/t] on the Secret Shores label.
09:39 PM- Banoffee / With Her [Do I make You Nervous?] on the Dot Dash Recordings label.
09:35 PM- Lusine / Arterial [Arterial - EP] on the Ghostly International label.
09:31 PM- Steam Phunk / Parachute (feat. Emma Lauran) [s/t] on the Steam Phunk Music label.
09:27 PM- Bmode / The Weather Channel [Bmode's Eclectic Cafe] on the Bmode label label.
09:23 PM- elohim / Panic Attacks (feat. Yoshi Flower) [s/t] on the Elohim Music label.
09:21 PM- Wafia / Heartburn [s/t] on the Future Classic label.
09:19 PM- Kevin Penkin / Dreams [Florence (OST)] on the Annapurna Interactive Label label.
09:17 PM- Kevin Penkin / Florence [Florence (OST)] on the Annapurna Interactive label.
09:12 PM- cantoma / sea of bblue [milchbar seaside season 9] on the Soundcolours GmbH & Co. KG label label.
09:09 PM- Omar Apollo / Heart [s/t] on the Omar Apollo label.
09:07 PM- Mike Francis / Summer Breeze [Inspired] on the Soundcolours GmbH & Co. KG label.
09:04 PM- Audio Dope / Pai Mei [s/t] on the majestic casual records label.
09:00 PM- Bmode / Isabella [Bmode's Eclectic Cafe] on the Bmode label.
08:56 PM- Olly Murs / Grow Up (Martin jensen Remix) [Grow Up (Remixes)] on the Sony Music Records label.
08:54 PM- Mako / North Dakota [Hourglass] on the Ultra Records label.
08:49 PM- Mielo / Surreal (feat. Abby Sevcik) [S/t] on the Repost Network label.
08:46 PM- Lemaitre / Higher (ft. Maty Noyes) [Chapter One] on the Astralwerks label.
08:42 PM- Alison Wonderland / Run [Run] on the EMI Recorded Music Australia Pty Ltd. label.
08:38 PM- Alison Wonderland / I Want U [Calm Down EP] on the Kobalt Music label.
08:34 PM- Rezz / Dilutted Brains [Mass Manipulation] on the mau5trap Venture Limited label.
08:31 PM- Rezz / Relax [Mass Manipulation] on the Mau5trap label.
08:27 PM- In Love With a Ghost / Flowers (feat. Nori) [Let's Go] on the Mael Madec label.
08:26 PM- Yoe Mase / La Da De Du [Life in Boxes] on the Seeking Blue label.
08:20 PM- Manatee Commune / The Garden Song (feat. Moorea Masa) [s/t] on the Bastard Jazz label.
08:17 PM- Severo / Stargazing (feat. Amelie) [s\t] on the Severo Music label.
08:12 PM- Dabin / Lights (feat. Trove) [Pyres] on the Seeking Blue label.
08:08 PM- Pional / Miracle [Miracle/Tempest] on the Permanent Vacation label.
08:07 PM- Clear (feat. Mothica) [Shawn Wasabi Remix] / Pusher [Clear-EP] on the Black Butter label.