ktru playsheet

RosaG, BrendanM
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 06/14/2018 10:03:00 PM until Thu 06/14/2018 11:59:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:53 AM- Megadeth / Peace Sells [Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?] on the Capitol label.
12:48 AM- Graveyard / Never Theirs To Sell [Innocence &Decadence] on the Nuclear Blast Records label.
12:42 AM- Hunters / Backheart [Hunters] on the Mom+Pop Records label.
12:39 AM- Servotron / Matrix of Perfection [Dope-Guns'n-Fucking In The Streets Vol 11] on the Amphetamine Records label.
12:37 AM- The Hives / Knock Knock [Veni Vidi Vicious] on the Burning Heart Records label.
12:34 AM- American Sharks / Indian Man [American Sharks 7"] on the Pau Wau Records label.
12:29 AM- Iggy and The Stooges / Gimme Danger [Raw Power] on the CBS Records label.
12:25 AM- The Good The Bad / 018 + 019 [From 018 to 033] on the The Unsigned Records label.
12:22 AM- The Born Liars / Spare Change [Ragged Island] on the Cutthroat Records label.
12:19 AM- La Luz / Big Big Blood [It's Alive] on the Hardly Art label.
12:16 AM- The Sons Of Hercules / Long Way Down [Hits For The Misses] on the Unclean Records label.
12:12 AM- Fugazi / Epic Problem [The Argurment] on the Dischord Records label.
12:09 AM- The Cramps / I Anin't Nothing But A Gorehound [Smell Of Female Live] on the New Rose label.
12:06 AM- Bad Religion / You + Progress [No Control] on the Epitaph label.
12:04 AM- Dead Kennedys / Holiday In Cambodia [Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death] on the Manifesto Records label.
11:58 PM- And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead / Half of What [S/T] on the Trance Syndicate label.
11:56 PM- Sugar Shack / Don't Bum Me Out [Sugar Shack 7"] on the Anomie Records label.
11:50 PM- Black Lips / You're Dumb + Say Hello to The Post Man [Black Lips] on the Bomp Records label.
11:48 PM- Junior Varsity / 6-Pack To Go [Juvenile] on the Remedial Records label.
11:43 PM- Soundgarden / My Wave [Superunknown] on the A&M Records label.
11:37 PM- The Jimi Hendrix Experience / House Burning Down [Electric Ladyland] on the Reprise Records label.
11:32 PM- Reverend Horton Heat / The Devil's Chasing Me [Full Custom Gospel Sounds] on the Sub Pop label.
11:23 PM- The Rolling Stones / Midnight Rambler [Hot Rocks 1964-1971] on the London label.
11:18 PM- At The Drive In / One Armed Scissor [Relationship of Command] on the Twenty-First Chapter label.
11:15 PM- Sleater-Kinney / Youth Decay [All Hands On The Bad One] on the Kill Rock Stars label.
11:11 PM- Fu Manchu / Weird Beard [King of The Road] on the At The Dojo Records label.
11:07 PM- Black Sabbath / The Wizard [Black Sabbath] on the Warner Brothers label.
11:05 PM- queen / crazy little thing called love [7"] on the elektra label.
11:03 PM- the smoke / my friend jack [7"] on the impact label.
11:00 PM- los strwcks / el gordo [v/a wild mexico vol. 1] on the pinche discos label.
10:58 PM- x / we're desperate [v/a the decline of the western civilization] on the slash label.
10:51 PM- wreckless eric / selina through the window [the len bright combo] on the southern domestic label.
10:48 PM- lexicon devils / insane attraction [7"] on the agrowax label.
10:46 PM- laurie / everyone will know [v/a girls in the garage volume 3] on the past & present label.
10:44 PM- the sparkletones / black slacks [7"] on the abc paramount label.
10:36 PM- the weirdos / destroy all music [7"] on the bomp records label.
10:33 PM- the cleveland steamers / see you tonight [best record ever] on the smogveil label.
10:30 PM- nude beach / walkin' down my street [II] on the other music label.
10:28 PM- nip drivers / cindy [destroy whitey/ oh blessed freak show] on the taang! label.
10:26 PM- feederz / have you never been mellow [ever feel like killing your boss?] on the flaming banker label.
10:24 PM- the nuns / 21 century [cbs demo 1977] on the mabuhay records label.
10:18 PM- bizarros / quiana girls [complete collection 76-80] on the windian records label.
10:15 PM- terry reid / silver white light [superlungs the complete studio recordings 66-69] on the EMI label.
10:12 PM- the krinkles / universal mind [be who you want to be] on the the krinkles label.
10:09 PM- angel olsen / shut up and kiss me [my woman] on the jagjaguar label.
10:06 PM- love / see myself in you [black beauty] on the high moon records label.