ktru playsheet

Jeff P.

from Thu 08/03/2017 06:00:00 PM until Thu 08/03/2017 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:58 PM- bobby aitken / rukumbine [classic hits] on the trojan label.
06:54 PM- destination anywhere / wenn du in castrop [hier ist] on the . label.
06:53 PM- jeffries fan club / one more time [nothing to prove] on the . label.
06:44 PM- dr. ring ding / damdimite ska [dandimite!] on the self-released label.
06:42 PM- desmond dekker / beautiful and dangerous [this is desmond dekker] on the trojan label.
06:41 PM- mustard plug / hit me hit me [in black and white] on the epitaph label.
06:41 PM- [spunge] / skanking song [greatest hit...s] on the a label.
06:33 PM- slim smith, the uniques / people get ready [attack collection volume 1] on the attack label.
06:30 PM- the specials / monkey man [the specials] on the chrysalis label.
06:28 PM- lloyd clark / japanese girl [skandal ska] on the mango label.
06:24 PM- eskalator / ensam och ful [pa dodligt allvar med eskalator] on the snyting label.
06:21 PM- justin hinds & the dominoes / corner stone [carry go bring come] on the trojan label.
06:16 PM- mad caddies / road rash [duck and cover] on the epitaph label.
06:15 PM- masons arms / fus nach vorn [fus nach vorn] on the rocking! records label.
06:14 PM- les enfants de st. gall / mexico [skampler] on the tudor recording label.
06:11 PM- king edwards / russian roulette [skandal ska] on the mango label.
06:08 PM- capdown / cousin cleotis [civil disobedients] on the household name label.
06:04 PM- the ventilators / blue beat sky [skampler] on the tudor recordings label.
06:01 PM- Skitter / Mr. Kruschev [Skandal Ska] on the Mango label.