ktru playsheet

sunday special

from Sat 12/02/2017 02:00:00 PM until Sat 12/02/2017 04:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:54 PM- thin lizzy / whiskey in the jar [shades of a blue orphanage] on the decca label.
03:50 PM- sir reg / emigrate [emigrate] on the heptown label.
03:47 PM- gaelic storm / scalliwag [bring yer wellies] on the lost again label.
03:42 PM- brendan sheehy / tomorrow's the day [sir reg] on the apx label.
03:38 PM- smokey bastard / cheer up love (worse things happen at sea), pt 3 [tales from the wasteland] on the bomber label.
03:35 PM- the prodigals / spancil hill [go on] on the grab label.
03:30 PM- neck / the ferry fare [sod 'em & begorrah] on the golf label.
03:27 PM- street dogs / not without a purpose [fading american dream] on the brass tacks label.
03:24 PM- irish stew of sindidun / one way ticket [new tomorrow] on the s/r label.
03:21 PM- the go set / bones [rolling sound] on the s/r label.
03:17 PM- the dreadnoughts / amsterdam [victory square] on the stomp label.
03:14 PM- the briggs / charge into the sun [come all you madmen] on the sideonedummy label.
03:10 PM- fiddler's green / down [devil's dozen] on the deaf shepherd label.
03:04 PM- boiled in lead / berber [silver] on the s/r label.
03:02 PM- swingin utters / blindness is kind [here, under protest] on the fat wreck chords label.
02:57 PM- greenland whalefishers / roky road to london [down and out] on the patchwork label.
02:54 PM- blaggards / botany bay [standards] on the nfa label.
02:49 PM- flogging molly / crushed (hostile nations) [life is good] on the the quiet man label.
02:45 PM- paddy at the rats / ghost from the barrow [tales from the docks] on the nordic label.
02:42 PM- the real mckenzies / drink some more [off the leash] on the fat wreck chords label.
02:36 PM- dropkick murphys / fields of athenry [blackout] on the hellcat label.
02:33 PM- paddy and the rats / where red paints the ocean [where red paints the ocean] on the nordic label.
02:28 PM- the rumjacks / the pot & kettle [sleepin rough] on the australian broadcasting corp label.
02:25 PM- brendan sheehy / arrive on st patricks day [sir reg] on the apx label.
02:22 PM- young dubliners / the foggy dew [with all due respect] on the slg label.
02:17 PM- flatfoot 56 / amazing grace [knuckles up] on the flicker label.
02:14 PM- charm city saints / adrift [never go home again] on the s/r label.
02:11 PM- pipes and pints / never let you down [found and lost] on the century label.
02:07 PM- black 47 / uncle jim [elvis murphy's green suede shoes] on the gadfly label.
02:05 PM- blood or whiskey / your majesty [no time to explain] on the reprieve label.
02:02 PM- the tossers / smash the windows [smash the windows] on the victory label.
02:00 PM- the pogues / sally maclennane [rum sodomy & the lash] on the warner label.