ktru playsheet

kids' show

from Sat 02/20/2016 11:59:00 AM until Sat 02/20/2016 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:57 PM- mike langlie / plastic spoon [ice cream truckin] on the mulatta records label.
01:54 PM- the kids / somebody come and play [seasame street gold] on the seasame street records label.
01:51 PM- oscar / i love trash [seasame street gold] on the seasame street records label.
01:50 PM- bob pyle / the mango fandango [apples and orange] on the apple tree label.
01:46 PM- various childrens / the happy unbirthday songs [let's go to the movies] on the music for little people label.
01:40 PM- waterphonics / stomp [orbitones spoons harps and bellowphones] on the ellipsis arts label.
01:36 PM- dan zanes and friends / i won't grow up [76 trombones] on the festival five label.
01:08 PM- robin williams the klezmer conservatory band / the fool and the flying ship [the fool and the flying ship] on the rabbit ears label.
01:01 PM- bert / i wanna hold your ear [bert's blockbusters] on the sesame street records label.
12:56 PM- teletubbies / ships [teletubbies the album] on the kid rhino label.
12:56 PM- maya bond / ghost waltz [pink drus purple lights] on the ellahy amen records label.
12:52 PM- Joe McDermott / flying saucer [above the crowd] on the bouncing ball music label.
12:07 PM- mohommad ali and friends / ali and his gang vs. mr. tooth decay [ali and his gang vs. mr. tooth decay] on the st. john's fruit and vegetable co. label.