ktru playsheet

RosaG, BrendanM, ScottB
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 08/23/2018 10:02:00 PM until Thu 08/23/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:05 AM- tones on tail / war [the album pop] on the pvc label.
01:03 AM- the cramps / the way i walk [psychedelic jungle] on the irs label.
01:01 AM- roy orbison / mean woman blues [greatest hits] on the monument label.
01:00 AM- husker du / lifeline [metal circus] on the sst label.
12:57 AM- the runaways / hoolywood [queens of noise] on the mercury label.
12:55 AM- rem / hyena [life's rich pagent] on the irs label.
12:55 AM- mr. airplane man / i'm in love [jacaranda blues] on the sympathy label.
12:48 AM- nashville pussy / blowin' smoke [let them eat pussy] on the amphetamine reptile label.
12:45 AM- nine pound hammer / runnaway train [cheapo] on the crypt label.
12:43 AM- zeke / eliminator [flat tracker] on the scooch pooch label.
12:42 AM- jesus lizard / killer mchann [head/ pure] on the touch and go label.
12:39 AM- fang / law and order [landshark] on the boner label.
12:38 AM- vivian girls / you're my guy [everything goes wrong] on the sub pop label.
12:37 AM- the jon spencer blues explosion / curfew blues [juke box blues] on the crypt label.
12:35 AM- afghan whigs / this is my confession [congregation] on the sub pop label.
12:31 AM- flamin' groovies / the first one is free [flamin' groovies] on the bomp label.
12:26 AM- the spits / saturday nite [the spits] on the slovenly label.
12:24 AM- razor boys / needle fever [1978] on the hozac label.
12:22 AM- L7 / bite the wax tadpole [L7] on the epitaph label.
12:19 AM- king tuff / dancing on you [king tuff was dead] on the burger label.
12:17 AM- billy f. gibbons / rollin' and tumblin' [7"] on the bfg label.
12:15 AM- gang green / hate [pmrc sucks] on the taang label.
12:12 AM- the jay vons / night [7"] on the la-ti da label.
12:09 AM- fastbacks / won't have to worry [oh canaduh] on the lance rock label.
12:02 AM- Minutemen / Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs [What Make A Man Start Fires] on the SST label.
11:59 PM- MC5 / American Ruse, skunk [Babes in Arms] on the Reachout Internatonal label.
11:54 PM- From Beyond / The Dead Still Ride [The Color Out of Space] on the Old Voltage Records label.
11:50 PM- The Von Bondies / Nite Train [Lack of Communication] on the Sweet Nothing Recrods label.
11:47 PM- Murder City Devils / Dear Hearts [Broken Botles Empty Hearts] on the Sub Pop label.
11:44 PM- Bad Brains / Eanest Love [Into The Future] on the Megaforce Records label.
11:39 PM- ZZ Top / It's Only Love [Tejas] on the London label.
11:36 PM- Reverend Horton Heat / Lonesome Train Whistle [Full Custom Gospel Sounds] on the Sub Pop label.
11:32 PM- The Mummies / Skinny Minnie + She Lied [Never Been Caught] on the Telstar Records label.
11:28 PM- The Offspring / Deamons [S/T] on the Nemesis label.
11:26 PM- NOFX / Cool And Unusual Punishment [Wolves in Wolves Clothing] on the Fat Wreck Chords label.
11:19 PM- Hunters / Blackheart [Hunters] on the Mom+Pop Records label.
11:16 PM- Bad Religon / 21st Century Digital Boy [Against The Grain] on the Epitaph label.
11:14 PM- The Sons of Hercules / Spittin' Fire [HIts For The Misses] on the Unclean Records label.
11:12 PM- The Blind Owls / Feaver [All Day And All Night] on the Sound Flat Records label.
11:07 PM- Corrosion of Conformity / Clean My Wounds [Deliverance] on the Columbia label.
11:04 PM- The Gories / Telepathic [Outta Here] on the Crypt Records label.
11:02 PM- Social Distortion / Mommy's Little Monster [Mommy's Little Monster] on the 13th floor Recrods label.
10:59 PM- rocket from the tombs / never going to kill myself again [the day the earth met the rocket from the tombs] on the smog veil records label.
10:53 PM- los impala / una terrible enfermedad [los impala] on the marfer label.
10:51 PM- the weirdos / weird world [weird world 1977-81] on the weirdos label.
10:48 PM- the parting gifts / my baby tonight [strychnine dandelion] on the in the red label.
10:45 PM- nico / i'll keep it with mine [chelsea girl] on the polydor label.
10:44 PM- nox boys / desperate girl [nox boys] on the get hip label.
10:40 PM- the wailers / house party [at the castle] on the norton label.
10:35 PM- the outsiders / the man on the dune [cqcqccqcqc] on the pseudonm label.
10:32 PM- the standells / sometimes good guys don't wear white [the best of the standells] on the rhino label.
10:30 PM- prima donna / i don't want you to love me [after hours] on the acetate records label.
10:26 PM- joe walsh / a life of illusion [there goers the neighborhood] on the asylum records label.
10:24 PM- powertrip / demons [when we cut, we bleed] on the pvc label.
10:23 PM- stark raving mad / hapy people [mx] on the slob recordss label.
10:20 PM- rollig stones / happy [exile on main street] on the virgin records label.
10:14 PM- pp arnold / you can't always get what you want [the turning tide] on the kundalini music label.
10:09 PM- lyres / we sell soul [nobody but lyres] on the ace of hearts/ taang! label.
10:07 PM- teenagenerate / mighty idy [v/a watch for me girl a tribute to DMZ] on the wallabies records label.
10:05 PM- pere ubu / non-alignment pact [this modern dance] on the blank records label.