ktru playsheet

NancyN, Hk
Tuesday Nitro

from Tue 08/13/2002 09:00:00 PM until Tue 08/13/2002 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:02 PM- the raincoats / fairytale in the supermarket [the raincoats] on the rough trade label.
09:57 PM- teenage jesus and the jerks / the closet [everything] on the atavistic label.
09:53 PM- pere ubu / the modern dance [the modern dance] on the blank label.
09:49 PM- mars / ich bin swat [nyc 1977-1978] on the les disques du soleil et de l'acier label.
09:45 PM- scissor girls / new tactical plan [here is the "is-not"] on the atavistic label.
09:40 PM- killing joke / the wait [killing joke] on the e'g label.
09:40 PM- the fall / fortress [hip priests and kamerads] on the situation two label.
09:38 PM- huggy bear / no sleep [taking the rough with the smooch] on the wiiija label.
09:35 PM- big flame / all the irish (must go to heaven) [rigour 1983-1986] on the drag city label.
09:35 PM- the television personalities / part-time punks [where's bill grundy now?] on the rough trade label.
09:31 PM- the desperate bicycles / don't back the front [the medium is tedium 7"] on the refill label.
09:29 PM- the tea set / tri-x pan [7"] on the waldos label.
09:22 PM- richard hell & the voidoids / blank generation [diy : blank generation : the new york scene] on the rhino label.
09:20 PM- suicide / ghost rider [suicide] on the red star label.
09:17 PM- dna / new new [a taste of dna] on the american clave label.
09:14 PM- y pants / favorite sweater [y pants] on the periodic document label.
09:09 PM- the static / don't let me stop you [branca: songs 77-79] on the atavistic label.
09:08 PM- ut / griller [griller] on the blast first label.