ktru playsheet

Treasures of the 60's

from Wed 02/02/2005 09:00:00 PM until Wed 02/02/2005 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:42 PM- the Seeds / up in her room [a web of sound] on the gnp crescendo label.
09:38 PM- [request] Velvet Underground / I found a reason [loaded] on the cotillion label.
09:33 PM- Gentle Giant / wreck [acquiring the taste] on the vertigo label.
09:28 PM- the Electric Prunes / sold to the highest bidder [lost dreams] on the birdman label.
09:25 PM- unknown busker / my daddy is a millionaire [Buskers] on the RCA victor label.
09:23 PM- The Epics / homesick [v/a Fuzz, Flaykes, and Shakes v4--experiment in color] on the bacchus archives label.
09:20 PM- It's a Beautiful Day / galileo [marrying maiden] on the columbia label.
09:18 PM- Music Machine / time out (for a daydream) [bonniwell music machine : beyond the garage] on the sundazed label.
09:10 PM- The Collectors / beginnings [v/a Everything you ever wanted to know about 60's mind-expansive punkadelic garage rock instrumentals but were afraid to ask] on the arf! arf! label.
09:07 PM- Sly and the Family Stone / don't burn baby [dance to the music] on the epic label.
09:04 PM- Mystic Tide / frustration [solid sound/solid ground] on the distortions records label.
09:01 PM- Buddy Guy / Buddy's Boogie [v/a chicago guitar killers] on the blue night records label.