ktru playsheet


from Wed 02/14/2018 10:00:00 AM until Wed 02/14/2018 11:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

10:58 AM- kan wakan / phantasmagoria, pt 1 [phantasmagoria, pt 1] on the kan wakan label.
10:54 AM- christian sean / black for you [black for you] on the - label.
10:51 AM- hunny / vowels (and the importance of being me) [vowels (and the importance of being me)] on the hunny label.
10:41 AM- denm / green [dreamhouse] on the the guard label.
10:38 AM- sorcha richardson / 4 am [4 am] on the swim out label.
10:35 AM- leach / little taste of heaven [roman candles] on the leach label.
10:31 AM- netherfriends, soul food horns / i tweaked when i saw your face [don't tweak] on the 551221 records dk label.
10:27 AM- morgan saint / you [17 hero] on the epic records, sony music label.
10:23 AM- ama lou / tbc [tbc] on the exmoor emperor label.
10:20 AM- ayokay, baker grace / too young [too young] on the columbia (sony) label.
10:16 AM- milk & bone / daydream [deception bay] on the bonsound label.
10:12 AM- trace / low [low] on the ultra music label.
10:08 AM- bogan via / the last ki$$ [boganvialand] on the common wall media label.
10:04 AM- trace / honey [honey] on the - label.
10:02 AM- autumn keys / life without you [l u v e p] on the repost network label.