ktru playsheet

blues in hi-fi

from Wed 10/09/2013 07:00:00 PM until Wed 10/09/2013 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:11 PM- jefferson starship / hijack [blows against the empire] on the rca label.
09:00 PM- mike bloomfield and al kooper / don't throw your love on me so strong [the live adventures of] on the columbia label.
08:53 PM- roy rogers / walkin' blues [sidewinder] on the blind pig label.
08:44 PM- jerry lightfoot & the essentials / change my way [burning desire] on the connor ray label.
08:41 PM- elvin bishop / don't lie to me [genuine house rockingn' music vol iii] on the alligator label.
08:31 PM- rl burnside / shake em on down [ass pocket full of whiskey] on the fat possum label.
08:27 PM- pete anderson / rock in my shoe [birds above guitarland] on the little dog label.
08:24 PM- shawn holt and the teardrops / before you accuse me [daddy told me] on the blind pig label.
08:19 PM- billy thompson / many faces [friend] on the soul stew label.
08:14 PM- james cotton feat. warren haynes / something for me [cotton mouth man] on the alligator label.
08:12 PM- peppermint harris / i'd rather be hurt [being black twice] on the home cooking label.
08:11 PM- roosevelt sykes / driving weel [the original honeydripper] on the blind pig label.
08:04 PM- michael bloomfield / kid man blues [between the hard place & the crowd] on the takoma label.
07:59 PM- buddy guy and gary clark jr / blues dont care [rythm and blues] on the rca label.
07:55 PM- roy book binder / electric cigarette blues [the good book] on the peg leg label.
07:52 PM- hans theessink / make me down a pallet on your floor [wishing well] on the blue grove label.
07:49 PM- marshall lawrence / factory closing blues [house call] on the mapl label.
07:43 PM- guy davis feat. fabrizio poggi / see that my grave is kept clean [juba dance] on the mc records label.
07:38 PM- ry cooder and corridos famosos / why don't you try me [live] on the nonesuch label.
07:37 PM- dakota dave hull / blind willie's dream [under the north star] on the arabica label.
07:25 PM- david bromberg / i'll take you back [only slightly mad] on the appleseed label.
07:21 PM- tommy malone / god knows [natural born days] on the mc records label.
07:16 PM- lonnie brooks / two headed man [(various) genuine house rocking music vol iii] on the alligator label.
07:10 PM- john lennon / bring it on home/send me some lovin [rock 'n roll] on the apple label.
07:04 PM- b.b. king / don't you lie to me [king size] on the abc label.