ktru playsheet

treasures of the 60s

from Wed 11/22/2017 07:00:00 PM until Wed 11/22/2017 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:59 PM- the remains / thank you [barry & the remains] on the epic/legacy label.
08:53 PM- the incredible string band / the circle is unbroken [the big huge] on the elektra label.
08:48 PM- derroll adams / the valley [feelin' fine] on the the village thing label.
08:42 PM- principal edward's magic theatre / autumn lady dancing [the dandelion sampler] on the dandelion label.
08:35 PM- forest / autumn childhood [full circle] on the harvest label.
08:33 PM- link wray / autumn leaves [mr. guitar] on the norton label.
08:31 PM- vashti bunyan / autumn leaves [some things just stick in your mind] on the fat cat label.
08:28 PM- bridget st. john / autumn lullaby [ask me no questions] on the dandelion label.
08:25 PM- the kinks / autumn almanac [the kink kronikles] on the reprise label.
08:17 PM- pink floyd / apples and oranges [the early years 1965-67: cambridge st/ation] on the pink floyd label.
08:15 PM- moonkyte / jelly man [count me out] on the mother label.
08:12 PM- geoffrey stevens / grape jelly love [fading yellow vol. 6] on the flower machine label.
08:09 PM- one way streets / we all love peanut butter [back from the grave vol. 1] on the crypt label.
08:07 PM- the pilgrammage / bad apple [things been bad] on the teenage shutdown label.
08:05 PM- big boy pete / cold turkey [chocolate soup for diabetics vol. 2] on the relics label.
08:02 PM- norman greenbaum / canned ham [45] on the reprise label.
07:55 PM- andre williams / chicken thighs [rib tips & pig snoots] on the soul-tay-shus label.
07:52 PM- american four / soul food [45] on the selma label.
07:50 PM- bill parker's showboat band / sweet potato mash pt. 1 [louisiana rockers] on the ace label.
07:48 PM- adventurers / mashed potatoes [stomp! northwest killers] on the norton label.
07:45 PM- the trashmen / mashed potatoes [live bird 65-67] on the sundazed label.
07:42 PM- the ready men / shortenin' bread [mojo music guide vol. 1: instant garage] on the mojo label.
07:34 PM- ray collins / mayonnaise mountain [the grandmothers: looking up granny's dress] on the rhino label.
07:32 PM- the mothers of invention / jelly roll gum drop [cruising with ruben and the jets] on the verve label.
07:28 PM- nrbq / rc cola and a moon pie [workshop] on the annuit coeptis label.
07:26 PM- biff rose / myrtle's pies [the thorn in mrs. rose's side / children of light] on the water label.
07:24 PM- the nitty gritty dirt band / cornbread and 'lasses (sassafrass tea) [rare junk] on the liberty label.
07:21 PM- matthew's southern comfort / sweet bread [matthew's southern comfort] on the decca label.
07:15 PM- ry cooder / one meat ball [ry cooder] on the reprise label.
07:11 PM- the band / king harvest (has surely come) [the band] on the capitol label.
07:08 PM- doug sahm / the homecoming [rough edges] on the mercury label.
07:05 PM- the soul stirrers / i'm a pilgrim [the sar records story] on the abkco label.
07:04 PM- the beach boys / you're welcome [smile] on the capitol label.