ktru playsheet

mk ultra

from Fri 10/02/2015 04:00:00 AM until Fri 10/02/2015 05:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

04:59 AM- trimbal / confidence boost (davers replication error) [mkultra sessions] on the ktru rice radio label.
04:53 AM- quintron / jamskate (instrumental) [jamskate ep] on the rhinestone label.
04:49 AM- yuri misumi / the wonderful star's walk is wonderful [katamari fortissimo damacy] on the columbia label.
04:43 AM- akufen / deck the house [my way] on the force inc music works label.
04:36 AM- giant claw / dark web 005 [dark web] on the s/r label.
04:34 AM- traxman / nothing stays the same (funk bomb 2015 remixx) [mu20 (20 years of planet mu)] on the planet mu label.
04:31 AM- ultrademon / docudrama [the .xvx files] on the hyperboloid label.
04:28 AM- yheti / high in the club [blast on] on the s/r label.
04:25 AM- sophie / lemonade [lemonade / hard] on the numbers label.
04:21 AM- queen / somebody to love (bodytime remix) [12"] on the s/r label.
04:18 AM- crystal castles / airwar (cfcf remix) [untrust us] on the slu label.
04:12 AM- jlin / mansa musa [dark energy] on the planet mu label.
04:10 AM- dlx / locash [locash ep] on the smog label.
04:06 AM- abelard / seinwave 2000 [seinwave 2000] on the s/r label.