ktru playsheet

chickenskin music

from Thu 09/14/2017 08:00:00 PM until Thu 09/14/2017 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:57 PM- jolie holland & samantha parton / minstrel boy [wildflower blues] on the cinquefoil records label.
09:54 PM- john reischman and the jaybirds / today has been a lonesome day [on that other green shore] on the corvus records label.
09:49 PM- jayme stone / candy gal [folklife] on the borealis records label.
09:46 PM- pokey la farge / mother nature [manic revelations] on the rounder label.
09:43 PM- carol fran and clarence hollimon / everyday is not the same [gulf coast blues] on the black top records label.
09:37 PM- amber cross / tracey joe [savage on the downhill] on the two red doors label.
09:34 PM- malcolm holcolm / pretty little troubles [pretty little troubles] on the gypsy eyes music label.
09:29 PM- lukas nelson / just outside of austin [promise of the real] on the fantasy label.
09:26 PM- lydia sylvia martin / c and o train [chasing the ghost] on the dryad records label.
09:23 PM- guy davis & fabrizio poggi / shortnin' bread [sonny & brownie's last train] on the m.c. records label.

09:17 PM- mavis staples / don't knock [you are not alone] on the anti- label.
09:15 PM- marley's ghost / the unconstant lover [woodstock sessions] on the safe arts records label.
09:11 PM- mance lipscomb / come back baby [you got to reap what you sow] on the arhoolie label.
09:07 PM- sweetback sisters / trouble [king of killing time] on the signature sounds label.
09:04 PM- Warner Williams and Eddie Pennington / Hey Bartender, There's a Bug in My Beer [Classic Piedmont Blues] on the Smithsonian Folkways label.
09:01 PM- Terri Hendrix / Sister's Apartment [Wilory Farm] on the Tycoon Cowgirl Records label.
08:59 PM- The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show / the girl i love don't pay me no mind [The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show] on the Rebel label.
08:54 PM- Kaia Kater / White [Nine Pin] on the Kingswood Records label.
08:50 PM- Bob Dylan / The Levee's Gonna Break [Modern Times] on the Sony BMG label.
08:42 PM- Haas Kowert Tice / Grandpa's Cheesebarn [You Got This] on the self label.
08:40 PM- Jeffrey Foucault / Horse Latitudes [Horse Latitudes] on the Signature Sounds label.
08:39 PM- Tom Russell / The Man From God Knows Where [The Man From God Knows Where] on the Hightone Records label.
08:34 PM- Western Centuries / Weight of the World [Weight of the World] on the Free Dirt Records label.
08:30 PM- Woody Guthrie / Blowin Down the Road [Dust Bowl Ballads] on the Rounder Records label.
08:26 PM- Jean Ritchie / The House Carpenter [From Her Appalachian Family Tradition] on the Smithsonian Folkways label.
08:25 PM- Courtney Granger / Back in My Baby's Arms Again [Beneath Still Waters] on the Valcour Records label.
08:20 PM- The Savage Hearts / Compadres in the Old Sierra Madres [Playing It Forward] on the self label.
08:17 PM- Guy Forsyth / Thank You for My Hands [The Freedom To Fail] on the Small and Nimble Records label.
08:12 PM- Reverend Freakchild / Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down [Preachin' Blues] on the Treated and Released Records label.
08:09 PM- Billy Joe Shaver / Eagle on the Ground [Billy and the Kid] on the Compadre Records label.
08:07 PM- The Carter Family / Single Girl [On Border radio-1939: Vol. 1] on the Arhoolie label.
08:04 PM- j. d. farley / bill was a texas lad [when i was a cowboy] on the yazoo label.
08:02 PM- townes van zandt / darcy farrow [the highway kind] on the sugar hill label.
08:01 PM- john hartford / turn your radio on [aereo plane] on the rounder label.