ktru playsheet

world music

from Mon 05/02/2016 05:00:00 PM until Mon 05/02/2016 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:58 PM- kemani nubar / bahriye cifte telli [istanbul 1925] on the traditional crossroads label.
06:51 PM- sodsri rungsang / uay porn tahan chaydan [the sound of siam] on the soundway label.
06:48 PM- wilmoth houdini / i need a man [poor but ambitious] on the arhoolie label.
06:43 PM- novalima / zarambe [karimba] on the esl 190 label.
06:40 PM- april march / garcon glacon [lessons of april march] on the ideal label.
06:35 PM- v/a / "the sorrow of parting" from "mukanna" [music of central asia, uzbekistan] on the seven seas label.
06:31 PM- lydia mendoza / mal hombre [mal hombre] on the arhoolie label.
06:28 PM- julieta venegas / enero y abril [bueninvento] on the bmg latin label.
06:23 PM- kabuan garn yor / gang geng nai krai [thai pop spectacular] on the sublime frequencies label.
06:17 PM- eliades ochoa / no me preguntes tanto [estoy como nunca] on the higher octave label.
06:16 PM- marcel khalife / diwan of the harem [magic carpet] on the nagam records label.
06:08 PM- ikue asazaki / obokuri eeumi [utabautayun] on the universal label.
06:04 PM- el remolon ft lido pimienta / atras [future sounds of buenos aires] on the zzk records label.
05:45 PM- v/a / gending tejanata - ladrang sembawa - ladrang playon [japanese court gamelan] on the elektra nonesuch label.
05:38 PM- janka nabay & the bubu gang / ro lungi [en yay sah] on the luaka bop label.
05:31 PM- mohamed bergam / zine milh [kassidat: raw 45s from morocco] on the dust to digital label.
05:00 PM- fela kuti / unknown soldier [coffin for head of state/unknown soldier] on the fak/mca label.