ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 11/27/2017 09:00:00 PM until Mon 11/27/2017 11:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:45 PM- dom / introitius/silence [edge of time 2xLP] on the second battle label.
10:40 PM- popul vuh / dort ist der weg [letzte tage - letzte nachte LP] on the wah-wah label.
10:35 PM- andrew haas / subincision [arnhem land CD] on the avant label.
10:30 PM- aeolian string ensemble / untitled [eclipse CD] on the robot records label.
10:26 PM- illitch / mati d'un blues [periodikmindtrouble LP] on the superior viaduct label.
10:19 PM- andrew liles / horatio alger myth [the power elite CD] on the dirter promotions label.
10:17 PM- intersystems / music growl and scream [peachy CD] on the streamline label.
10:14 PM- wolf vostell / heuwagen (1977, essen, happening) [de-coll/age musik CD] on the tochnit aleph label.
10:10 PM- jean-francois pauvros & gaby blizien / la barre d'etel [no man's land LP] on the souffle cotinu label.
10:03 PM- limpe fuchs / tone [muusiccia (metal/stones)CD] on the streamline label.
09:55 PM- damenbart / bewubtsteininserweiterung [impressionen '71 LP] on the dom elchklang label.
09:51 PM- v/a (dennis) / others do (hyperthalamus) [krautrock 3 5xCD] on the warner music label.
09:45 PM- sand / touch the tyrants [desert navigation LP] on the rotorelief label.
09:35 PM- v/a (nurse with wound+sand) / may rain (chromanation) [the swinging reflective II 2xCD] on the dirter promotions label.
09:30 PM- zweistein / right b)indian child [trip.flip out.meditation 3xCD] on the captain trips label.
09:13 PM- selten gehort musick / untitled [3. berliner dichterworkshop 12/13.7.73 CD] on the tochnit-aleph label.
09:09 PM- reines d'angleterre / untitled [les comores LP] on the bo' weavil recordings label.
09:03 PM- idm theftable / a (lord or cr)ie or y in the snow [popsices, icicles, baseball and, fancy clothes CDr] on the kraag label.
09:01 PM- jac berrocal / cafe slavia [la nuit est au courant LP] on the souffle continu label.