ktru playsheet

treasures of the 60s

from Wed 11/08/2017 07:00:00 PM until Wed 11/08/2017 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:58 PM- bob dylan / west texas [gaslight tapes] on the hit memories collections label.
08:56 PM- vince martin & fred neil / wild child in a world of trouble [echoes of my mind: the best of fred neil 63-71] on the raven label.
08:54 PM- rambling jack elliot / muleskinner blues [the ballad of ramblin' jack] on the vanguard label.
08:46 PM- tim buckley / song to the siren [the dream belongs to me] on the manifesto label.
08:44 PM- scott walker / amsterdam [scott] on the fontana label.
08:39 PM- leonard cohen / passing thru [live songs] on the columbia label.
08:37 PM- marc bolan / pictures of purple people [the beginning of doves] on the track record label.
08:34 PM- the west coast pop art experimental band / i won't hurt you [the WCPAEB companion] on the sunbeam label.
08:25 PM- can / midnight sky [the lost tapes] on the mute label.
08:22 PM- tom dissevelt and kid baltan / whirling [electronic movements] on the philips label.
08:19 PM- index / shock wave [index] on the dc label.
08:16 PM- we the people / you burn me up and down [mindrocker vol. 6] on the outline label.
08:13 PM- electric banana / alexander [blows your mind] on the carnabeat label.
08:11 PM- alarm clocks / no reason to complain [back from the grave vol. 1] on the crypt label.
08:09 PM- kasenetz-katz super cirkus / quick joey small [bubble gum music "the naked truth"] on the buddah label.
08:06 PM- paul bearer and the hearsemen / i've been thinking [the world ain't round, it's square] on the teenage shutdown label.
07:57 PM- the gentrys / help me [the gentrys] on the sun label.
07:53 PM- hot tuna / been so long [hot tuna] on the rca victor label.
07:51 PM- mcguinness flint / who you got to love [mcguinness flint] on the capitol label.
07:47 PM- michael chapman / she came in like the "6.15" and made a hole in the wall [window] on the light in the attic label.
07:44 PM- moby grape / skip's song [the place and the time] on the sudazed label.
07:41 PM- ian matthews / desert inn [if you saw thro my eyes] on the vertigo label.
07:30 PM- elyse weinberg / collection bureau [greaspaint smile] on the numerophon label.
07:28 PM- the chiffons / nobody knows what's going on (in my mind but me) [one kiss can lead to another: girl group sounds lost & found] on the rhino label.
07:26 PM- lulu / can't hear you no more [girl zone] on the impact label.
07:24 PM- barbara lynn / lonely heartache [45] on the jamie label.
07:22 PM- bonnie owens / my hi-fi to cry by [hi-fi to cry by] on the capitol label.
07:12 PM- audience / paper round [aundience] on the disconforme label.
07:09 PM- vivian stanshall and big grunt / blind date [history of the bonzos] on the united artists label.
07:07 PM- the kinks / pictures in the sand [the great lost kinks album] on the reprise label.
07:04 PM- the liverpool beats / there i go [the liverpool beats!] on the rondo label.
07:02 PM- the bee gees / jumbo [45] on the atco label.