ktru playsheet

angst hour

from Fri 03/19/2021 04:15:00 PM until Fri 03/19/2021 05:15:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:13 PM- tigers jaw / return [two worlds] on the run for cover records label.
05:11 PM- phantom planet / in our darkest hour [the guest] on the sony music entertainment inc label.
05:08 PM- joyce manor / eighteen [cody] on the epitaph label.
05:05 PM- jetty bones / no lover [no lover] on the take this to heart records label.
05:00 PM- the voidz / xerox [tyranny] on the cult records label.
04:54 PM- supergrass / tales of endurance, pt. 4, 5, & 6 [road to rouen] on the the echo label limited label.
04:50 PM- the strokes / trying your luck [is this it] on the the strokes label.
04:47 PM- ignant benches / common sense [wishful thinking (at its best)] on the apollo twenty iii label.
04:43 PM- buddha trixie / real [real] on the buddha trixie label.
04:40 PM- hot mulligan / wait for it [opportunities] on the no sleep records label.
04:37 PM- tigers jaw / static [two worlds] on the run for cover records label.
04:33 PM- ratatat / seventeen years [ratatat] on the xl recordings ltd label.
04:28 PM- the voidz / alien crime lord [alien crime lord] on the cult records label.
04:25 PM- the garden / egg [haha] on the epitaph label.
04:21 PM- phantom planet / raise the dead [raise the dead] on the fueled by ramen label.
04:17 PM- crx / broken bones [new skin] on the columbia records label.