ktru playsheet

RosaG, ScottB, ScottButt
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 09/28/2017 10:00:00 PM until Thu 09/28/2017 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:59 AM- iggy pop / the passenger [lust for life] on the rca label.
12:58 AM- spoon / i could see the dude [soft effects ep] on the matador label.
12:57 AM- the pixies / nimrod's son [surfer rosa] on the 4ad label.
12:56 AM- glucifer / the general says hell yeah [tendetr is the savage] on the label.
12:54 AM- ty segall / talkin' [fried shallots] on the drag city label.
12:51 AM- ko and the knockouts / set me free [ko and the knockouts] on the sympathy label.
12:48 AM- the jesus and mary chain / get on home [damage and joy] on the artificial plastic label.
12:47 AM- hydromatics / dangerous [parts unknown] on the white jazz label.
12:41 AM- adolescents / wrecking crew [adolescents] on the label.
12:40 AM- dri / sad to be [rat music for rat people vol.2] on the cd label.
12:39 AM- the replacements / skyway [pleased to meet me] on the sire label.
12:35 AM- screeching weasel / this ain't hawii [boogada] on the lookout label.
12:35 AM- rhythm pigs / break new ground [rhythm pigs] on the mordam label.
12:33 AM- the side eyes / guy / chick [so sick] on the in the red label.
12:30 AM- the makers / razorblade [hunger] on the estrus label.
12:29 AM- bad brains / big takeover [bad brains] on the homestead label.
12:26 AM- off / full of shit [first four eps] on the vice label.
12:25 AM- the woggles / hard times [tally ho] on the wicked cool label.
12:23 AM- sinister six / do you understand [outta sight] on the empty label.
12:21 AM- butthole surfers / hey [butthole surfers] on the alternatve tentacles label.
12:16 AM- mdc / american achievments [millions of dead cops] on the label.
12:14 AM- x / sugarlight [los angeles] on the slash label.
12:13 AM- bad sports / can't remember your name [casual victim pile] on the matador label.
12:08 AM- jeff mcdonald / follow the leader [jeff mcdonald] on the bang label.
12:06 AM- the blasters / red rose [nonfiction] on the slash label.
12:05 AM- thee headcoatees / the ballad of the insolent pup [the sisters of sauve] on the damage goods label.
11:58 PM- melvins / joan of arc [houdini] on the atlantic label.
11:58 PM- the black belles / honky tonk horror [the black belles] on the third man label.
11:55 PM- dead kennedys / drug me [fresh fruit] on the cherry red label.
11:54 PM- minutemen / there ain't shit on t.v. tonight [double nickles on the dime] on the sst label.
11:49 PM- willie loco alexander / gin [gin] on the 1980 label.
11:44 PM- luna / fire in cairo [a sentimental education] on the double feature label.
11:37 PM- the black angels / watch out boy [watch out boy] on the blue horizon label.
11:37 PM- the jesus lizard / then come dudley [goat] on the touch and go label.
11:33 PM- the hellacopters / 1995 [cream of the crap] on the white jazz label.
11:31 PM- echo and the bunnymen / people are strange [lilost boys] on the wea label.
11:30 PM- sonic youth / drunken butterfly [dirty] on the dgc label.
11:29 PM- terry reid / silver white light [superlungs] on the emi label.
11:23 PM- the lime spiders / my favourite room [the cave comes alive] on the virgin label.
11:16 PM- elvis costello & the attractions / watching the detectives [7"] on the columbia label.
11:13 PM- the parting gifts / shine [strchnine dandelions] on the in thre red label.
11:11 PM- the sons of hercules / splittin' fire [hits for the misses] on the unclear records label.
11:07 PM- crime / hot wire my heart [7"] on the spirit label.
11:03 PM- donovan / season of the witch [donvan's greatest hits] on the epic label.
10:57 PM- mark sultan / believe me [7:] on the chompazoid label.
10:53 PM- rolling stones / rocks off [exile on main street] on the virgin label.
10:51 PM- the dirtbombs / hot sour salty sweet [ooey gooey chewy ka-blooey!] on the in the red label.
10:48 PM- esquerita / baby, you can depend on me [esquerita] on the stateside label.
10:43 PM- ben harper with charlie musselwhite / i'm in i'm out and i'm gone [get up!] on the stax label.
10:40 PM- greg "stackhouse" prevost / mr. charlie [7"] on the mean records label.
10:32 PM- los straitjackets / you inspire me [what's so funn about peace, lvoe and los straitjackets] on the yeproc label.
10:30 PM- giuda / tartan pants [racey roller] on the dead beat records label.
10:27 PM- the shivvers / teenline [the shivvers lost hits from milweaukee's first family of powerpop 79-82] on the hyped to death label.
10:25 PM- the pmrc / bullchrist [7" EP polyphonics for the modern renaissance cannibal] on the motorchest records label.
10:22 PM- deep purple / emmereta [purple passages] on the warner brothers label.
10:19 PM- dead moon / poor born [dead moon echoes of the past] on the sub pop label.
10:15 PM- the easybeats / sorry [best of the easybeats] on the rhino label.
10:12 PM- the pretenders / tattoed love boys [the pretenders] on the sire label.
10:10 PM- DM3 / speed freak [west of anywhere] on the alive label.
10:06 PM- the replacements / hold my life [tim] on the sire label.
10:05 PM- johnny thunders and the heartbreakers / all by myself [LAMF revisited] on the earmark label.