ktru playsheet

Kid's Show

from Sat 12/04/2004 11:57:00 AM until Sat 12/04/2004 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:50 PM- Bob and the Anything People / Who are the People in your Neighborhood [The Sesame Street Book & Record] on the Children's Television Workshop label.
12:45 PM- Daffy Duck & Ensemble / Book Revue (complete soundtrack) ["That's all Folks!"] on the Warner Brothers label.
12:36 PM- Daniel Johnston / Unpack your adjectives [School House Rock Rocks!] on the ABC Atlantic label.
12:35 PM- Winnie the Pooh / Heffalumps and Woozles [The Sounds od Innocents and Imagination, vol 2] on the KTRU PRoductions label.
12:32 PM- Animaniacs / All the songs in the English Language, part 2 [Variety Pack] on the Warner Brothers label.
12:31 PM- Kermit the Frog / being green [sesame disco!] on the Children's Television Workshop label.
12:24 PM- Maria Muldaur w/ Carrie Lyn / This is a Happy Little Ditty [Animal Crackers in my soup] on the Music for Little People label.
12:21 PM- Marcus French / Turn Your TV Off [Turn Your TV Off CD Single] on the Mr. Python's Neighborhood Music label.
12:19 PM- Animaniacs / All the Words in the English Language [Variety Pack] on the Warner Brothers label.
12:16 PM- Rachel Buchman / Ocho Dias di Felisita [Shine Little Candles: Chanuka Songs for Children] on the Rounder Kids label.
12:13 PM- Claudia Martinez / Nichim Vuil [World Playground 2] on the Putumayo label.
12:10 PM- Tarika Sammy / Hendry [African Playground] on the Putumayo Kids label.
12:03 PM- Ella Jenkins / He's got the whole world in his hands [little johnny brown] on the smithsonian folkways label.
12:02 PM- Ella jenkins / Hey Moo Ma Moo ma Moo Ma Hey [Songs, Rhythms & Chants for the Dance] on the Smithsonian folkways label.
12:01 PM- Maya Bonds / 1-2-3, hello kitty [pink drums purple lights] on the business deal label.