ktru playsheet

BenG, CharlieB

from Sun 10/18/2015 10:15:00 AM until Sun 10/18/2015 12:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

11:59 AM- gong / jungle window [about time] on the charly label.
11:52 AM- butthole surfers / day of the dying alive [humpty dumpty lsd] on the revolver label.
11:46 AM- andy partridge / short leave ornithology [the lure of salvage] on the virgin label.
11:42 AM- magma / kobaia [s/t] on the philips label.
11:27 AM- guapo / jeweled turtle [elixirs] on the neurot label.
11:22 AM- white noise / your hidden dreams [an electric storm] on the antilles label.
11:13 AM- conrad schnitzler / part 1 [blau] on the self released label.
11:10 AM- leonid fedorov / russian title [russian title] on the russian title label.
11:06 AM- second hand / hangin on an eyelid [death be your santa claus] on the sunbeam label.
11:03 AM- amon duul ii / surrounded by the stars [wolf city] on the united artists records label.
10:54 AM- vashti bunyan / here before [lookaftering] on the fat cat/dicristina label.
10:51 AM- kevin ayers / all this crazy gift of time [joy of a toy] on the capitol label.
10:46 AM- can / dreadlock [soundtracks] on the spoon label.
10:43 AM- frank zappa / what will this evening bring me this morning [200 motels] on the ryko/mgm label.
10:39 AM- silver apples / starlight noodle [the garden] on the whirlybird label.
10:26 AM- brainticket / brainticket pts. 1-3 [cottonwoodhill] on the hallelujah label.
10:23 AM- the red krayola / gao [hazel] on the drag city label.
10:17 AM- dun / bitonio [eros] on the s/r label.