ktru playsheet

Tuesday Nitro

from Tue 07/30/2002 09:00:00 PM until Tue 07/30/2002 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:57PM- wire / the art of stopping [read & burn] on the pink flag label.
09:52PM- subway sect / nobody's scared [we oppose all rock & roll] on the overground label.

09:50PM- the clash / career opportunities [the clash] on the epic label.

09:48PM- the table / do the standing still [guillotine] on the virgin label.

09:46PM- x-ray spex / i am a cliche [germ free adolescence] on the artificial products/virgin label.

09:38PM- malaria! / mensch [compiled 1981-1984] on the indigo label.
09:37PM- this heat / s.p.q.r. [deceit] on the these label.

09:31PM- the pop group / words disobey me [y] on the radarscope label.

09:30PM- josef k / the missionary [endless soul] on the marina label.

09:28PM- a certain ratio / do the du [early] on the soul jazz label.

09:25PM- the soft boys / i wanna a be an anglepoise lamp [1976-81] on the rykodisc label.

09:22PM- wire / i am the fly [chairs missing] on the emi label.

09:18PM- delta 5 / mind your own business [7"] on the rough trade label.

09:15PM- quentin crisp / stop the music for a minute [pillows & prayers] on the cherry red label.
09:14PM- stiff little fingers / suspect device [all the best] on the chrysalis label.

09:11PM- liliput / ain't you [liliput] on the kill rock stars label.

09:08PM- the slits / love und romance [the peel sessions] on the strange fruit label.

09:06PM- the buzzcocks / fast cars [another music in a different kitchen] on the emi label.

09:05PM- the homosexuals / my night out [the homosexuals record] on the black noise label.

09:02PM- swell maps / let's build a car [collision time revisited] on the mute/restless label.

09:00PM- gang of four / i found that essence rare [entertainment!] on the emi label.