ktru playsheet

musicals & more

from Sat 06/24/2017 11:45:00 AM until Sat 06/24/2017 03:15:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:18 PM- godspell cast / god save the people , day by day [godspell] on the arista label.
03:11 PM- frank sinatra bing crosby / did ya ever [High society] on the capitol label.
03:10 PM- The soundtrack of Carousel / the carousel walttz [Carousel] on the capital label.
03:09 PM- on your feet cast / anything for love [On Your Feet] on the cresent moon records label.
03:08 PM- Dear Evan Hanson cast / looking through a window [Dear Evan Hanson] on the atlantic label.
02:56 PM- victor victoria/ julie andrew / jazz hot baby [cast of broadway Victor Victoria] on the decca label.
02:46 PM- ben pratt / waving through a window [dear evan hanson] on the atlantic label.
02:45 PM- pippin cast andrea martin / no time at all [Pippin] on the ghostlight records label.
02:42 PM- harry conick jr / A wink and a smile [sleepless in seattle soundtrack] on the epic soundtrax label.
02:29 PM- Phantom of the Opera / Mascasrade [Phantom of the opera] on the dolvdor label.
02:18 PM- cst of Little shop of Horrors / Suddenly seymour [Little Shop of Horrors cast album] on the geffin label.
02:09 PM- The wizard of Oz / over the rainbow, if I had a bain and heart [The wizard of oz soundtrack 1939] on the mgm records label.
02:08 PM- thats entertainment two soundtrack / overture to the film [Entertainment two] on the mgm records label.
02:07 PM- glenn close cst of sunset bllvd / the sunset suite [sunset blvd] on the really useful group label.
01:51 PM- 2017 Hello Dolly / put on your sunday clothes [Hello Dolly] on the masterworks broadway label.
01:49 PM- cast of on Your feet / tradition [On your feet] on the cresant moon label.
01:42 PM- freaky friday cast / oh biology [Freaky Friday] on the disney records label.
01:39 PM- Teve, soundtrack of Fiddler / Do you love me, far from the home I love [Fiddler on the Roof] on the united artists
01:38 PM- gant geisman Quintet / Goodbye my Love [broadways biggest 97 98] on the varise sarabande label.
01:37 PM- cast of ragtime / goodbye my love, journey [Ragtime] on the rca victor label.
01:36 PM- miss saigon cast / I still believe [Miss Saigon] on the geffin label.
01:12 PM- Sammy Davis JR / Gonna build a Mountain [sammy davis jr in stop the world I want to get off] on the original cast promo label.
01:01 PM- oscar levant piano and orch / rhapsody in Blue [Oscar levant /gersgwub] on the masterworks portrait mono label.
12:54 PM- cast of city of angels / Im nothing without you [City of Angels] on the columbia label.
12:50 PM- howard keel,William Warfield / Ol Man River, Make Believe [Those glorious mgm musicals] on the mgm label.
12:48 PM- idina menzel and cast / the Wizard and I [Wicked] on the decca label.
12:47 PM- bye bye birdie 1960 / ed sullivan [Bye Bye Birdie] on the masterworks broadway label.
12:46 PM- judy garland / lose that long face [A Star is born] on the columbia label.
12:45 PM- bettie Hutton / ti have the sun in the morning [Aniie get your gunthose glorious mgm musicals] on the mgm
12:37 PM- film sountrack of Watership Down / bright eyes [Watership Down] on the cbs records label.
12:31 PM- carol burnett and cast / 1934 [Annie Two] on the time life label.
12:18 PM- come from away / Wecome to the rock [come from away] on the the musical company label.
12:12 PM- nathan lane and cast / When your an Adams [The Adda ms Family] on the decca label.
12:09 PM- bette mideler cast hello dolly / it only takes a moment [Hello Dolly 2017] on the masterworks Broadway label.
12:07 PM- movie version of the little Mermaid / part of your world [The Little Mermaid] on the disney records label.
12:07 PM- Freaky friday cast / not myself today [freaky friday] on the broadway records label.
12:06 PM- freaky friday cast / just one day reprise [Freaky Friday] on the disney records label.