ktru playsheet

Ashley, NicoleB
afternoon delight

from Tue 09/24/2019 03:00:00 PM until Tue 09/24/2019 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:54 PM- chic / everybody dance [chic] on the atlantic label.
04:49 PM- funkadelic / standing on the verge of getting it on [standing on the verge of getting it on] on the westbound label.
04:45 PM- kool and the gang / hollywood swinging [wild and peaceful] on the island def jam label.
04:43 PM- sly and the family stone / babies makin babies [fresh] on the sony label.
04:33 PM- stanley clarke / lopsy lu [stanley clarke] on the sony bmg label.
04:28 PM- the brothers johnson / thunder thumbs and lightnin licks [look out for #1] on the umg label.
04:25 PM- squeeze / slap and tickle [cool for cats] on the a&m label.
04:18 PM- lee ritenour / sugarloafexpress [the captains journey] on the sony label.
04:14 PM- lee ritenour / space glide [captain fingers] on the sony label.
04:08 PM- graham central station / can you handle it [graham central station] on the warner label.
04:03 PM- stanley clarke / silly putty [journey o love] on the sony label.
04:00 PM- sly and the family stone / if you want me to stay [fresh] on the sony label.
03:55 PM- graham central station / hair [graham central station] on the warner records inc label.
03:48 PM- pleasure / glide [future now] on the ace label.
03:45 PM- roy ayers / demelo (give it to me) [vibrations] on the umg label.
03:41 PM- tony joe white / voodoo village [tony joe white] on the atlantic label.
03:37 PM- wild cherry / i feel sanctified [wild cherrry] on the sony label.
03:32 PM- alain chamfort / beguine [poses] on the cbs records international label.
03:25 PM- patrice rushen / let the music take me [pizzazz] on the strut label.
03:19 PM- bootsy collins / bootzilla [bootsy? player of the year] on the warner label.
03:14 PM- stretchin out / bootsy collins [glory be] on the warner label.
03:06 PM- teena marie / i'm a sucker for your love [wild and peaceful] on the gordy label.
03:01 PM- michael jackson / get on the floor [off the wall] on the epic label.